If you think your family is fucked up, PLEASE watch Abducted in Plain Sight

Can someone come pick up my jaw? Because after watching “Abducted in Plain Sight” on Netflix I seriously can’t pick it up. I just cannot get over how STUPID this whole family was being. I don’t care how badly your own life would be, when it comes to YOUR children, they are your only concern.

So when I learned these two parents were basically whoring their daughter out to a sick perv to cover up their own affairs I WAS LIVID. How fucked in the head can they be? There is zero chance they had no clue what was going on in their own house. Okay if you haven’t seen this documentary I lost you already imma give a quick summary.

Basically. Jan Broberg’s family was picture perfect. All girls, with two loving parents. What else could a child want? New neighbors with girls the same age, wow talk about a blessing from God. But nah sis it was a blessing from the devil. The new neighbors included Mr. B, an outgoing man who was always hanging with the children. OKAY SUSPECT SIGN NUMBER 1. No normal adult wants to hang with children. His wife was basically a ghost. She was never there besides when she needs you to drop kidnapping charges against her mans. SUSPECT SIGN NUMBER 2. Secret pedos go after quite women who will be complicit to their crimes. She doesn’t completely know what is going on and she isn’t going to dig around. Her ass is almost as bad as his.

Mr. B started to become obsessed with Jan, who BTW is like 11 I believe. He even built a wall to divide her and her sisters room. I’m convinced he hide cameras or himself in that wall. Then out of no where he takes her horse back riding and they disappear for months.Jan meanwhile is mad young during this and Mr. B convinces her they must have sex in order to “continue the human and alien race”. Again I am NOT making this up, I know I was shook too.

Shit doesn’t end there. The FBI find them and because both of Jan’s parents were secretly fucking Mr. B, he convinced them to drop all charges. Yeah you read that right. Her own parents allowed him to get free. The dad was jerking him off and the mom was fucking him. Talk about a mess, and I’m not talking about in Mr. B’s pants.

Even sicker, THEY STILL ALLOWED HIM TO SLEEP OVER. If my neighbor asked to sleep in my sisters bed, my dad would be in jail right now. Jan is in love with him at this point because she is so brainwashed. Girl you are NOT in love with a 40 year old man. After the trial he buys a water park (perfect place for a pedo btw) and Jan begs her mom to let her go work there and SHE SAID YES.

Ugh there is so much stupidity going on during that documentary that I am SO over this article already. Just thinking about it is pissing me off. This was a child that’s childhood was destroyed but by some miracle she learn to over come her trauma and help people learn from it.

I hated the parents but by the end I feel for the parents. They were in over their heads but honestly their stupidity is unbelievable. How did she believe that Alien bullshit? Like really hun. Ugh so many question I have for that family. Please check this documentary out so we can bitch out it, together, as a family ❤

Xoxo wait I almost forgot how Mr. B confronted Jan in court, SHIT WAS CRAZY


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