Is being a blonde haired bitch a requirement to work at Fox News?

Just when you think the ladies Fox News hires couldn’t get any worse, you stumble upon a tweet regarding the Jim Boeheim tragedy. I’m convinced the mean bitches from High School all work at Fox News. This cold hearted, rude ass, ignorant as fuck wanna be Barbie Bitch, named Britt McHenry, who BTW needs to chill with putting filters on every photo, works for Fox News as a “contributor” aka those stupid, annoying ass people who yell into the TV everyday. Why her opinion matters is beyond me. On the 24th she tweeted the nasty mess below.img_1042

Who hurt her as a child? Did her mother not hug her enough? Did her dad never return home from getting milk? A fucking man died in a horrific way and of course someone from Fox News has to turn it into clickbait. She tweeted that because she wants an reaction. Yeah I’m giving her one now but only because my  therapist told me to stop bottling things up. Home girls effort to be like Ann Coulter is pathetic. Why is it that commentators on the right have to be nasty like this? From Tomi Lahren to her, ITS NOT CUTE. HAVE A HEART.

Maybe all the sexual harassment they face at Fox News is damaging them mentally.  Either way, their Grinch like asses are going to hell where maybe their cold hearts will warm up. Was Jim speeding , NO. Was he drunk, NO. Was he high, NO. So what is her issue? Should we of acted like nothing happened? That moment of cheering was to symbolize all of Central New York coming to get to help a man over come a tragic event. Only you would confuse that with something sinister.

If it wasn’t Jim Boeheim involved, this story wouldn’t of even made the 5 o’clock news. Stop milking other peoples tragedy for ratings. Why was the news interviewing students the day it happened asking them “how does this make you feel”. WTF ITS MAKES THEM SAD. Then to interview the step son of the man who died, was just as gross. They aired that clip of him saying the game should be canceled over and over again its like LET THE KID MOURN. And stop being thirsty for viewers.

Jim Boeheim is like Central New York’s second dad. We all respect the hell out him and will cut a bitch for him.  I will forever hate this idiotic hoe for her rude ass comments and forever strive to ruin any chance she has at having a career. Because according to 1-800-Psychics, the moons are aligning in Buddy Boeheim and I’s favor, so I gotta protect my future fam!

Xoxo stone cold Barbie

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