Innocent or not, who the hell lets their child sleep in Michael Jackson’s bed….

Michael Jackson being guilty or not is something that I wrestle with daily. I’ll being eating some pizza and randomly think, did he do it? Michael is obviously an amazing performer but so was Kevin Spacey. We need to separate the person and the performer to look at this case in all angles. Those who defend Michael, would you still defend him if he wasn’t Michael Jackson? I’m sorry but who in their right mind would let their child sleep in Michael Jackson’s bed. Or go out in public holding his hands? Not mine! Hell they barely let me go go Boy Scouts cause they thought it was suspect. No camping trips for me!

After watching “Leaving Neverland” with TT, we both wanted to throw up but were still confused. There really wasn’t any bombshells. Yeah the hand holding and the love messages via fax were weird, but that’s just suspect, where’s the smoking gun. It’s sad I have to ask that but after Jussie, we need all the evidence before we make an opinion.

Why did the boys from the Documentary defend Michael for years, even in court, but as of now are saying he is guilty? Why does Corey Feldman and Macaulay Culkin who both have spoken out against Hollywood’s pedo ways, claim he is innocent? Or the boy at the center of the 1993 lawsuit who has spoken out about how his father made up these claims against Michael and there is even a recording to prove it.

The 2005 lawsuit was suspect as well. The family at the center of that case has sued other celebrities as well. So much shadiness makes me question it all. Maybe he really was just a nice man who wanted to give children a real childhood because he never had one. Or maybe he was just a sick fuck.

The one story that really makes me question all of this is Michael Jackson’s feud with Sony. In the 80’s Michael Jackson was at the height of his fame. He had so much money he needed to do something with it. After hearing it was up for sale he decided to buy ATV, the publishing company who owned the rights to the Beatles and hundreds of other artists. Back in the day this wasn’t a big deal. But later on when artists learned how much money can be earned by owning the rights to music, this became huge.

Sony also wanted to buy ATV but Michael outbid them. For years they were hounding him with offers but no matter how high the offer was, he said no. He knew that owning ATV could protect him and his family for life. Owning the Beatles is like having a money tree. People will always listen to them and buy their merchandise. This war over the Beatles lasted till 1995 after Michael settle his 1993 lawsuit and signed with Sony.

Isn’t that so shady, after a decade of saying no he finally says yes? Could it be because the 1993 lawsuit milked him dry so he drastically needed the money? Could Sony be behind that same lawsuit? Think about it, they needed to do something to make Michael sign so why not make up these claims and bleed him dry in court fees. Michael swears up and down he was innocent but settled out of court to send the legal fees and not to drag it out. But what if it was because he couldn’t afford the legal fees?

He’s about to hit rock bottom, then who swoops in and saves the day? Sony with that same offer but even lower now. He has no other choice and is forced to accept it. Thus the creation of SonyATV, one of the biggest music publishers in the world. CRAZY but honestly I can see it.

So there is all that but the one thing I can’t get past is the why. Why would Michael be so obsessed with young boys?  I understand he never had a childhood because he was always performing but still that doesn’t justify wanting to sleep in bed with children. Why didn’t his family and staff say anything? Maybe because they were signing his checks. Or maybe because it truly was innocent.

UGH I DON’T KNOW. The one thing I learned from “Leaving Neverland” is parents can be so naive. These parents just went with the flow because they were bombarded with lavish gifts and trips. They turned a blinded eye to whatever the hell was going on because it benefited them. People seriously start putting your children first. Because if they put there children first then there would be no documentary. Selfish ass mofos.

On another note, HBO keep this same energy towards Dan Schneider, Woody Allen and the rest of Pedo Hollywood. There are stories out there, but sadly NDA’s and Hollywoods drive to keep these stories secret is trying to supress them. If we can take down R.Kelly imagine who else we can cancel so this madness can stop!

Xoxo TT said Michael Jackson looks like Momo and honestly, I see it

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  1. * Accusers Wade Robson & James Safechuck BOTH Previously Swore Under Oath That Their Relationship With Jackson Was NEVER Inappropriate Or Sexual, And Maintained This Under Rigorous Cross-Examination.

    * Robson Repeatedly Praised Jackson As His Idol After Death, Until He Was REJECTED As The Lead Choreographer In A Jackson-Themed Las Vegas Tribute Show In 2011. With Documented Financial Troubles, He Claimed REPRESSED MEMORIES Led To Him Realizing The ‘Abuse’. An Initial Book Deal Attempt Was Unsuccessful Thereafter.

    * In 2013 & 2014, Robson & Safechuck Hired The Same Lawyer & Filed MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR Civil Lawsuits Against The MJ Estate. These Were THROWN OUT OF COURT In 2017 With A Judge Commenting “No Rational Fact-Finder Could Possibly Believe Robson’s Sworn Statement”. They Now Owe The MJ Estate Almost $100,000 In Legal Fees.

    * Robson Referred To Himself As The “MASTER OF DECEPTION” In His 2016 Court Deposition, And Both Robson & Safechuck’s Stories Have Changed Multiple Times During The Course Of Proceedings Revealing A Large Number Of Inconsistencies, Contradictions & Outright LIES.

    * Director Dan Reed Has Admitted He Made No Attempt To Interview Anyone That Could Give A Counter View To The Narrative In His ONE-SIDED ‘Documentary’, Nor Does He Corroborate These Claims With Evidence. As Such The Film Violates All Standards For Responsible Journalism.

    * ANY SHOCKING CLAIM Can Be Made About Jackson Without Challenge Or Penalty, As There Are Currently No Laws Protecting The Dead From Defamation Or Slander.

    * After An FBI Investigation Spanning 10 Years, 70-Man Police Raid On His Neverland Home, And A Lengthy Trial That Included Evidence From Prior Cases, Michael Jackson Was Found INNOCENT Of All Charges Of Child Sex Abuse.


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