Can chill with that 20 dollars a month bullshit? I just wanna learn why TTs new mans was arrested

I understand that Twitter is killing news media sites but $20 dollars a month is NOT the way to fix that I don’t know who the hell told y’all that was a wise move but please fire their ass. Not even Netflix is $20 a month, wtf makes YOU so special?

Imma keep it real, you are not dropping any bombshell reports lately. I mostly use you for the police blotter and to see who at Destiny USA has cockroaches(spoiler its everyone).Keeping it real, I breeze thru your articles and go straight to the comments. There are so many idiots on there it makes me humble.

I first noticed this sad form of  desperation last fall. I have ad blocker on my phone so  I always got their thirsty ass popup, but I discovered a work around by turning on reader. BYE BITCH. This was all fun and games till last week. I was going to do my weekly restaurant inspections check up when that annoying ass popup appeared. Being all crackhead like asking me for a $20. I would rather give it to the homeless lady on Hiawatha blvd. Like $5 dollars maybe but fucking $20? Who do you think you are? Beyonce?

If is THAT thirsty for money then they need to ask for donations or like sell t-shirts. $20 a month to read to the shitty & depressing news is way too much. Even my rich Auntie won’t pay that and her new mans got MONEY.  This will kill People will NOT pay this and instead turn to CNYcentral or Syracuse’s most adorable news/gossip/giggles site,

There is always another site for news, is NOT special. When people want to check out Syracuse before coming they checkout and this makes us look tacky! It is NOT a cute look. It makes the whole town look thirsty as fuck for a handout. Stop acting like Fulton,

Xoxo if I charged $20 a month y’all would get a nude, a cute crop top of my face and a strand of TTs chest hair

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