Oh. You’re shocked our school system is corrupt and racist, that’s adorable!

Anyone who is surprised at this College Admission Cheating scandal or how only 7 out of 800 black kids got into a elite NYC school needs a smack. I knew shit was corrupt back in elementary school, why didn’t you. Y’all need glasses? We went on a field trip to a city school to gawk at them like animals so we can “see how the other half lives”. No seriously, my school deadass did that. My teacher could NOT answer why their school was K-Mart, while ours was Whole Foods. Macbooks, iPads and other useless shit while they barely had working computers. How are those students able to compete? Without the same access to the same technology, it is NOT an equal playing field. Oh its because schools income is based off local property taxes. So if you live in a poor community, you get a poor education.

Some say F the system and imma do me. They work hard, bust their ass to hopefully get into college. To then find out they didn’t get in because some rich bitch parents bribed her way in. Is like one big sick joke? Do I love Felicity Hoffman? Of course, I watched Desperate Housewives since I was a wee lad (explains my personality). But I definitely think what she did was wrong but not shocking. I don’t think she should be fired from all her acting jobs. Instead make her donate a shit ton to start a charity for intercity schools while at the same time exposing how they got her dumbass daughter into school.

To be honest, this just shows how far these parents will go to make their babies succeed. The real issue is the gangster cartel called “College Board”. There is no way these shady ass mofos had no clue what was going on. They took their cut and look the other way. Growing up I got extra time on test because the teachers were convinced I was type special(needs). Really my ass was just a chatty Cathy. But I got extra time on tests and LOVED IT!. But never once was I in a room alone. I always had a teacher and like 5 other people starring my ass down. So someone at College Board knew what was good.

Until we have every school receive the equal amount of funding and the same curriculum then America will be forever filled with idiots. How do we expect everyone to learn the same when States are who control what our students learn. Instead of debating this, we are STILL debating if we should putting sex education in high school (do y’all want your kids to have Hep C). Or if Slavery was a sassy fun time in American history( NO ALABAMA IT WASN’T).

The fact that States can rewrite history and get away with it is appalling. Why isn’t everyone on the same page? Oh because our politicians can’t act grown. They rather bitch and argue over bullshit instead of putting our children first. School Boards are being bought out by big business. It’s constant drama, stop acting like you on the Real Housewives. These teacher unions are making the problem worse by making it hella difficult to fire shit teachers. WHY is this?

If this all fears you, what are the other options? Homeschool and your kids turns out a fucking weirdo. Catholic school and your child may get touched. Private School where they turn out douches or charter schools were you have no clue what the hell you will get. Charter schools are unregulated, so you may get an amazing school with bomb ass teachers who care. Or a shit school where every 3 years they open up under a new name.

Lastly, parents are also to blame. Teachers are in rooms with 20 plus kids, there is no time nor room to give your extra ass kids hands on attention. They barely have time to teach the curriculum. These parents don’t check their kids home work or their online grades, BUT somehow its the teachers fault their kid is failing. No its yours. Get off your lazy ass, put down the beer and teach Johnny to do algebra. Its everyone else’s fault but your own. No joke every summer my parents forced us to do summer workbooks. They were hell but I appreciate them now cause I’m like mad knowledgeable.

Xoxo slavery wasn’t a choice and sex ed should be taught in 6th grade actually 4th, y’all kids are hella corrupt.

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