Ladies, leave your bitter ass husbands

I am SO over seeing cute ass mums with rude ass baby daddy’s. No wonder they spend all their time watching Hallmark RomComs and Christmas movies. Because they are so uphappy with their own lives! Their mans is so fucking nasty with his bitter ass attitude, it’s gotta be draining. He never wants to take his wifey out on a date because “the game” is on or he’s too tired. Baby girl just wants attention.

Often she thinks of leaving him but then realizes, its too late. She’s 46, with little to non personal savings, with everything in her mans name. Getting divorced costs more then a new liver. So unless your loaded or a victim of Joe Biden you’re screwed. No wonder so many unhappy PTO moms stay with their depressing to be around husbands

Baby girls you are better than this! Start setting a little money aside here and there. Call it a leave his bunk ass fund. 40 is the new 20. Mad “older” women are starting their lives over and saying bye Felicia to the past. There are a few people I know that NEED to do the same.

Last week I saw this adorable mom at the cockroach filled mall giving off cute mom vibes. Every time she would attempt to talk to her mans however, he wouldn’t respond because he was glued to his phone being mad rude. I legit saw saddness and defeat in her eyes. So y’all know me I gave her the classic “hey didn’t you graduate from Syracuse with me 2 years ago”? Making her feel mad young. Home girl blush like she queefed. THAT’S when her man started to pay attention to her and said “lets go honey”. Don’t tell her what to do, you ain’t her daddy.

LET HER LIVE DAVID! I saw what he was doing on his phone…. he was texting a 585 area code phone number. WITH green text meaning she a broke bitch on Android. I saw multiple emojis so you know he was texting a instagram thot. Prob some WHORE from his office, i’m guessing an intern. Jackie(I think that’s her name) PLEASE dump his ass. This is your Tina Turner moment. Tina was dating waste case Ike who beat her senseless because he was jealous of her raw talent. She thought she could never leave him because he was her career but that was a LIE!

She ran away drenched in blood to a local hotel and finally ended that anarchy. And now look, her career hit new highs and she was in Mad Max! That would NEVER happen with Ike. Jackie, its time to be Tina. Or maybe you’ll be like Dolly Parton from my fav Steel Magnolias. Her mans barely noticed her. She ALWAYS was looking cute and ALWAYS gave the best advice while cutting your hair. But when it came to her own love life, she couldn’t fix it. She tried everything but her mans was too busy drinking a bud light while cheering on the boyss.

Dolly’s character was a hopeless romantic who never gave up and finally after a death(how dark) her mans realized he had a boss ass babe. So stinking cute. I love that movie, so much sass and fun but maddddd tears.  So yeah your mans COULD turn a new leaf, BUT I wouldn’t hold my breath. He seems like Douche City USA. He ain’t shit! I have a feeling Jackie’s friends all left her cause she constantly defends Davids ass. Don’t be a Jackie ladies, be a Tina. Dump him. I’ll help.

Xoxo David you have too much of a gut to be rude

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