Keeping it real, I’m pretty sure one of my girlies is lowkey racist

I really gotta stop tuning out my girlies and start listening to the nonsense they are saying. Because if I don’t, they gonna end up on the Shade Room being called a racist. I don’t know if they are just uneducated or maybe subtle racism turns them on, either way this shit needs to end!

I can’t associate myself with white supremacy. That wasn’t a cute look in the 50’s and it definitely isn’t a cute look now. Racism causes wrinkles and black heads. To be honest, I envision my God looks like Angela Bassett so this makes all this super awk for me. I love my baby girl but I love Angela wayyy more. I just wanna know who hurt her? What in her childhood turned her into a racist bitch?

We were getting our toes did the other day when I finally put it all together, home girl is hella racist. There is nothing better then someone on their knees using a cheese grader to clean my feet. As my feet are being scrubbed, I told Ms. separate but equal that I wanted to go see Cardi B at the Amphitheater. Cardi, City Girls AND Teyana Taylor sign my ass up. I was about to ask her to come with because there was no Klan rally that night(I checked). BUT immediately she goes, ” I will not be caught dead there, its too GHETTO”. Okay that word pisses me off. No girl the dirt in between your fingernails are ghetto. Bomb ass twerk music is not. And she calls her self a feminist.

I was offended as fuck, I even saw home girl scrubbing my toes give her side eye. I asked what did she mean by that. She goes, “well you know, it will be violent and I won’t feel comfortable”. Again, BITCH WHAT? Say that to Cardi’s face. I dare you. I go how will it be violent? Country concerts are like breeding grounds for the NRA.

Now she getting all uncomfortable and goes “well I mean like from drinking and stuff”. So just like the Luke Bryan and any other country concert you go to hick girl. Those hillbillies are trashed on the way there and get even more trashed in the parking lot. NOT in the concert however because who the hell can afford a $24 dollar beer.

Meanwhile at a Cardi concert, you’re going to have people sipping on Titos, while smoking blunts and twerking. Ain’t nobody gonna be violent unless you and your racist friends show up with burning crosses. I bet the number of arrests for drinking and fighting are higher at a country concert than at rap concert. Yeah the weed related arrests are higher but that’s because the police have nothing better to do with their lives.

She kept on saying”that isn’t her crowd”, trust me girl, we know. You ain’t their crowd either. Nobody wants your no rhythm ass around. Outta here with your toxic ass.  I understand that rolling around in mud while blasting country music from Dan’s Chevy is your crowd. But that’s how you get ringworm. I could NOT believe her defense was it would be violent because of drinking. No girl just say whats REALLY on your mind and keep that same energy next time your bumping and grinding at corner bar.

You can be selective with what you like, but when the common theme is white things only, girl you racist. I’ve been trying to get her to watch Power but she refuses. Same with Love and Hip Hop. I understand Love and Hip Hop but to NOT watch power is just ignorant. Shits amazing. Girl you can live your life however you damn well please, but just know, when I stop replaying to your text, its not because I hate you, its because your a racist bitch.

Xoxo who wants to get face down ass up at the Cardi concert with me?

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