Can the gang of broke hoes leave Queen Lisa Vanderpump alone? You are ruining RHOBH!

I’ve been bottling up my inner feelings on Doggygate for too long. I was hoping, MAYBE just MAYBE there would be some crazy smoking gun that shows my forever Queen Lisa Vanderpump, who’s worth MILLIONS is a master manipulator on the side for fun. Home girl has THREE restaurants AND was building her new Vegas location AND started a dog shelter called Vanderpump Dogs. And these petty jealous hoes are accusing her of setting up a secret plan to let Dorit adopt a dog, have her dump the dog at a friends house, who then dumped it at a shelter. Is Lisa That So Raven or something? How the hell would she know Dorit would be a cruel horrible person.

That is the real story, that Dorit dumped a dog at a kill shelter. If she gave the dog to a friend, why haven’t we seen her yet?? Cause Dorit made her up. Theses ladies are gaslighting us to make us think Lisa is the villain when it’s broke ass Dorit. Also you really think Lisa needs money from selling a story to Radar online? Right…… Selling one story wouldn’t even be a drop in Lisa’s bank account. These ladies smelt blood because Lisa is dealing with the death of her brother. They see she is not herself CAUSE SHE IS IN MOURNING you cold heart bitches.

This week’s episode consisted of Lisa working to get the selling of dog meat banned. AMAZING! Such a lovely lady. Meanwhile the gang of broke hoes had a lunch where they talked so much shit about Lisa it made my dog leave the room. These hoes have nothing else in common to talk about besides their jealously of Lisa and debt. At dinner they decided that Kyle needs to confront Lisa because they all think she sold the dog story to radar online because the person used the word “nipped”. Wow y’all must work for Muller.

Kyle confronts Lisa, on the day before her birthday to tell her she thinks she’s a lair. Lisa answered the door with a huge smile, it was so heartbreaking. Kyle honestly was Judas in this equation. Lisa and Ken were stunned with Kyle’s rudeness and kicked her ass out. GOODBYE KYLE! But what’s weird is the gang of hoes have been hyping this moment up for months saying it will show Ken and Lisa’s true colors. UM BISH WHERE? Are we watching the same show?

My theory is all these girls besides Lisa and new girl Denise Richards who I love, made a plan to take down Lisa. Every few seasons these girls try this because Lisa is the fan favorite. It’s honestly because the world loves Lisa. She has Vanderpump Rules, her first spin off. And now her rumored Vegas spinoff. She truly is Bravo, Lisa Rinna and her pussy lips loath her for this. So they made a plan to set Lisa up. Teddi was already friends with the Vanderpump Dog staff. She hears about how Dorit dumped the dog so she sets up a plan to reveal this to Kyle and the other girls to expose Dorit.

But it back fired so she claimed Lisa told her staff to orchestrated this all. Again Lisa is mad fucking busy when would she have the time or energy to do this? Y’all reaching. Teddi claims she has texts to prove this but the text only made her look bad so she doubled back on her story AGAIN.

Now conveniently this radar online story comes out as soon as the story is starting to die down. So either Bravo leaked the story or one of the housewives did. Aka Dorit, to distract everyone from her legal and money issues. Same with Kyle. Dorit and her man owe millions. She was even confronted during the Bahamas trip but weirdly Bravo didn’t show any of that.

They also haven’t showed any of Kyle’s hubby legal drama over defrauding a client by not telling them they had a higher bidder on the house. Why not? Because her mans was the seller and the buyer so he wanted a low price so he could flip it. SHADY SHADY SHADY. This is why these girls can’t drop this fucking dog story even thou every time it is brought up Lisa shuts it down. These hoes are like herpes. They just won’t go away.

Kyle is the one who keeps on bringing it up in the Bahamas and back home. These girls think the audience is stupid. Sorry sis, we are not….. we’re just not all there mentally because we still watch this bullshit. Why did Bravo force Teresa Guidice to address her legal issues but isn’t making Dorit or Kyle? SUSPECT!

If you check the #RHOBH hashtag on twitter or the discussion on Reddit and Facebook, legit everyone is on Lisa’s side. No one is siding with these pathetic psychos. Bravo needs to have something up their sleeve because if this is how the whole season will play out you will loose mad viewers. Either reveal these stanks for the bitter hoes they are or I’m outta here like Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy.

The editing this season is shady city so I’m hoping they have a secret plan. Like last week when they made a point of showing how close Lisa Rinna is with the paparazzi. Or this week when they showed all the times Kyle hasn’t defended Lisa. Or my favorite, all these girls talking shit while Lisa is patiently waiting to see if her anti-dog meat bill passed. I lived for it.

Also, don’t even get me started on Teddi. Who the hell is she? She is trying too hard to cover up the fact that she spends all her times playing with dogs(which is fine) and gossiping with John Blizzard. Meanwhile, Lisa is saving Dogs. So sad little girl. It is rumored Lisa didn’t film the second half of the season. If that is the case and the rest of the season is about Lisa and her boring daughters, or Erika’s old ass broke man and her “music career” IM OUT OF HERE like Rocca Wear.

Remember how AMAZING the OG seasons were. With Crazy Kim and her shenanigans or Brandi and her drunkness. My person favorite, Carlton and her witchcraft, this was some good fun! Now its about jealous bitches who think their box don’t stink when realistically my credit score is higher than theirs.

Xoxo anyone wanna have a botox party in Vegas at Vanderpump Gardens?


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