If spilling secrets is illegal, lock my ass up. Why the arrest of Julian Assange is HIGHLY suspect

Why is America so afraid of its secrets coming out? What do y’all have to hide? Is it that the CIA really killed JFK. Or that y’all killed mad foreign leaders because they threatened American businesses profits. Or that you know who my real dad is. Either way, I don’t know what is it but the fact that someone can be charged for spilling gossip is so alarming. I always tell peoples business. It’s fun. Like me, Julian Assange is basically the middle man, people steal state secrets and gives them to him. Does he pay them? I don’t know nor do I care. What I care about is the truth getting out and exposing fucked up people. Is that why we have such a boner to charge him?

American has been harassing Julian for a hot minute. Because of this he has been holed up in the Ecuador embassy in England. If he leaves he will be arrested, which is what happened today after the embassy kicked him out. Why did they do this? Maybe because after staying indoors for 7 years he smells like shit, or its because the US is forcing them too. Either way its extra and shady as hell.

This started after Wikileaks revealed footage from an airstrike that showed how reckless our army was being in the middle east. Killing mad people for God knows what reason. Innocent people including journalists were killed while the soldiers were cracking jokes. So distasteful. This and other secrets were dropped after Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden leaking damaging files to Wikileaks.

What they did is illegal but also it was information that needed to be released. Snowden revealed how the NSA was hacking and spying on American citizens like a bunch of stalkers. Truly creepy. This is when I started to cover my webcam, I don’t need pornos of me dancing naked after the shower all over the web. I should get paid for that.

The democrats LOVED Wikileaks at first because it wasn’t really against them. But as soon as they started to leak things on the democrats they started to LOATHED them. First the DNC leak then John Podesta’s emails, Wikileaks turned into public enemy for dems and republicans, finally some bipartisanship.

My opinion is, does it sucked you got hacked and damaging information leaked? OF course! But also you shouldn’t of been doing that shady shit to begin with. I’m soooo sorry it was leaked that the Clinton Foundation is mad shady. Or that the DNC rigged the primaries. But this is OUR life and it affects us so piss off.  The United States is literally killing the messenger. All Julian does is leak information people give to HIM, which is exactly what I do.

When I hear some juicy gossip, I tell all my girlies and if its good enough, I’ll blog about it. Am I going to jail for that one day? Sorry I told everyone Amber has crabs, I thought it was a good conversation starter.  Should I get toss in jail and gang raped every night for it? No because this is America damn it. If we allow the US to get away with this then we are forever fucked as a nation. Gossip will become illegal and I am NOT okay with that.

What is going to be juicy thou is what happens next. For years Julian and Wikileaks has been tweeting out codes to unlock their “insurance policy” folder that will contain years of data that Wikileaks hasn’t leaked yet. It is rumored to include mad gossip on the United States, other nations and even businesses. I’m hyped! I love me a good data dump. Maybe we’ll find out what really happened with 9/11 or if MJ really is a pedo. All things we NEED to know.

Xoxo btw, England is legit America’s bitch boy for allowing this


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