FREE BRITNEY SPEARS, this is some serious shit

The day after tax season was supposed to be a day of Rest and Retreat, not a day of wondering WTF is going on with America’s Sweetheart, Britney Spears. The story of Britney goes back to 2008 after her public meltdown. Working everyday since your early teens has GOT to be draining. Girl started on The Mickey Mouse Club at like 8 and hasn’t slowed down since.

Think about it, she can’t just go out on a Saturday night for drinks with the gals.  EVERYONE and their gay bestie would be all over her. Can she even have friends? That has to be mentally exhausting. In my opinion this and other things in her personal life i.e. Kevin Federline caused her to snap thus the head shaving. Supporting a crew of leeches and deadbeats would make me shave my head too.

This wasn’t a cry for help in my opinion, it was her starting over. It symbolized her trying to break free from her overbearing management team, her obsessive father and her deadbeat ex. All she cared about was her boys and making music. She should of been able to do all this but the vultures realized their money train was leaving without them.

They acted fast and got Britney on a 5150 psychiatric hold and after that she was place under a conservator-ship. Conservator-ship are meant for people who are unable to control themselves or their finances. Mostly older people or mentally unstable people are under these. A team of people decided what Britney does everyday. From what she can spend her money on to where she can go on vacation.

After her melt down okay maybe she needed some guidance thru all that mess but it was supposed to end after her Circus world tour. Instead it has been dragging on ever since. Over a decade she has been under her team’s control. Is it because they want to protect Britney or is it because they want to keep control of her money.

If you watch her interviews, you can tell how scripted they are. People who have interviewed her before have complained how controlling her management team is.  They want to know every question before hand and have final say on what airs and what footage is cut. That is unprecedented, shit like that happens with Kpop bands, not American bands.

You can tell in interviews that she is NOT being herself. For years I was convinced she was replaced with a robot but now I’m wondering if she was just drugged out. So back to yesterday when I learned about this. Britney hasn’t been seen since January. She was photographed driving around town. Driving is a big no no in her conservator-ship. Girl can’t even drive like wtf. Can’t spend money or drive, all she can do is work, IT’S SO SAD!

Before she was seen driving, they announced she was having another residency in Vegas. She was there for a few years, it was mad successful and she then went on a world tour. They announced going back to Vegas, then a few weeks later she was seen driving then they canceled the tour due to her dads health. People believed that at first, but then they started to ask where they hell is she.

Like 2 or 3 weeks ago “she announced” she was going to mental health center for some “me” time. The phasing of this was very weird and NOT Britney like. She didn’t even use an emoji, so yeah it was very suspect. And she has been there ever since. It was all quite till yesterday when #FreeBritney was trending on Twitter. This was because of a podcast called “Britney’s Gram” got a voicemail from someone who worked at the law firm that worked on Britney’s conservator-ship.

This voicemail gave me chills, this guy is alleging that Britney wanted more freedom and asked for the conservator-ship to end. She wanted to be independent and raise her boys! She didn’t want to be controlled anymore. She even started to slowly stop taking her pills. Her father found this out and took her to the doctor, the doctor prescribed her something new. She wanted to be clean from all drugs so she didn’t take these as well.

In order to be independent and get full custody of her boys she needs to be clean and that’s what she was trying to do. But her father didn’t like that, he said either you get back on the pills or the tour is canceled. She said no and he canceled the tour. That is when she was seen driving around after that, she hasn’t been seen. He alleges that her father and the management team forced Britney to go to the mental health facility and have been keeping her there since.

Britney was all over Instagram posting cute ass Outfit of the day videos, now she is MIA and it’s like where is the outcry? What is even creepier is the guy at the top who ran her conservator-ship step down because he didn’t agree with what everyone else was doing to her. LIKE WHERE IS THE FBI?!?! If you are wondering why doesn’t Britney speak out on this, HOW CAN SHE? Her team controls every interview, they most likely read every text she sends as well.

This is truly alarming, even Britney’s own mother is liking tweets about freeing Britney. Just looking at Britney’s dad and her manager, Larry Rudolph. They give me scumbag vibes. They are leeches who are milking Britney dry, they do NOT care about her well being. What happened to her in 2008 is the media’s fault. They live and breath for people to fail. They all chased her down and hounded her when she was at her lowest. She was so desperate for friends she even befriended one of the paparazzi and in the end they exposed everything she sad.

THIS IS TRULY SAD, we need to stop holding celebrities hostage. They are not our slaves for entertainment, they are PEOPLE. Imagine going to Wegmans to get plan B and every person you run into takes a picture of you, I would cut a bitch.  Tell everyone you know about this, tweet #FreeBritney, this is “Its Britney Bitch” we are talking about here. Imagine if my mom locked me up in a psych ward until I came out straight, actually don’t, that might give her some ideals.

Xoxo should I find this mental health center and break her ass out?

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