If TT can become a skinny minnie, so can you! Why being Big Boned is a myth

Every time I look over and see how bomb and flawless my baby girl looks, I think of all the other people who need to hear of her success story. Saying you can’t lose weight because “You’re big boned” is fake news. We used to think the same about my Queen but then she discovered this crazy thing called motivation and self love.

Imma keep it real, before she was a mess. Don’t get me wrong, she was type bad, but also she was type sad. Baby girl was NOT happy with her body. She would look in the mirror and see Jabba the Hutt or John Goodman, before the surgery.


Being over weight is NOT healthy. I don’t care what the mainstream society is saying. Being over weight will cause you to die in the end. Horrific I know, but TRUE! Homegirl was rolls city USA and in those rolls lived boils and chaffin. We would go to the dermatologist and she would recommend everything BUT losing weight to get rid of the boils. BEING FAT CAUSED THE BOILS, STOOPID!

I don’t know if she said that because she wanted to milk my queen dry with co-pays or if its because of how society now views being fat. Saying someone fat is a no no word. Its considered “mean”. I get not everyone is going to be skinny like my refugee looking ass but still. Being thick is cute, being a fat ass is not. If you can be active, walk with out losing breath and not be gross to look at. Then you are golden.

Go bitch go bitch go BESTIE!

But if you are so fat that you can move without needing an oxygen tank, THEN THAT IS NOT OKAY. Big is beautiful but dying of diabetes isn’t. My home girl was well over 230, and everyone at McDonald’s knew her name. She was honestly a cunt because she was so unhappy with herself so she took it out on sweet old me. She was jealous that I can see my toes when I look down and she couldn’t.

After hitting her lowest point, waiting in line for the grand opening of Golden Corral, she decided enough is enough, I am WAYY too much of a boss bitch to be considered a Golden Corral babe. She started to work out every day and took MMA three times a week. She also started following the groundbreaking Japanese Pornstar diet. This includes a diet of only Cigarettes, Ice Coffees and paper.

We all took bets that after a week she would give up like she gave up raising her child. Well its been well over a year and homegirl has lost over 70 pounds. To be honest, she looks so good she made my pee pee move. THAT’S how much of a hot piece of ass she looks  Even Elton John is looking her way.

NOT Photoshopped

Even thou every ones boyfriends be hitting her line, she is still BEYOND humble. This is because she’s been like you other hoes, she’s been the fat friend. She’s been the girl that dudes get head from on the low but won’t tell their bros. But now everyone wants a piece of that head game. She killed her inner fat friend and that bitch will NOT be returning. Why? Because God and I won’t allow it.

Girl was so big at one point she had to wear a tank top over her bathing suit top, it looked like a microwaved peep. Now that she looks healthy she feels healthy and is honestly the sweetest gal I know. Some other “people” are jealous of this new TT and all I can do is pity them. Sorry you’re now the fat friend, I don’t control society. Only you can change that.

Xoxo she now fits in my pants

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