The crop of democratic losers running in 2020 is truly depressing

I was jaw dropped at how shitty and miserable the democratic candidates for president are. I watched a bit of the CNN town hall last night and it was a snooze fest. Not one of them got me energized. I want a candidate that gives me a rush of excitement. I wanna be twerking and crying while they speak, NOT rolling my eyes. All I saw was a group of people who Trump will rip apart in 2020.

Let’s be for real, Trump is a real problem for the dems in 2020. They assumed people would be so turned off by him after 4 years, they will be begging for a Dem. But to me it appears that is not happening. The Muller Report is already yesterday news. The media drags on these pointless news stories to the point we become immune to them. Russian Collusion is now a drinking game at parties.

No one my age cares that he is a constant lair, they find it funny. Imma keep it real, I find his Tweets hilarious and his Game of Thrones memes, award worthy. But that’s what scares me! People my age will vote for him because he is their favorite social media celebrity. If Hollywood didn’t hate him, he would of won at least 5 peoples choice awards by now. Older people will vote for him because Fox News told them too. So who does that leave for the Dems? The Buzzfeed crowd?

We had almost 4 years to prepare someone and these LOSERS are what we get? Just give it to Bernie already, save us the headache. Currently the leads in this race are a robotic female candidate who drinks beer because it’s viewed as “hip”. Seriously Elizabeth Warrens announcement video is the definition of cringe. Or a gay guy who is randomly relevant because….he can play the piano? Or everyone favorite Uncle Joe who needs to keep his hands to himself.

The rest are an even bigger joke besides Kamela Harris who is the only viable option next to Bernie. Bernie should be a shoe in but after what the dems did to him to 2016 he isn’t holding his breathe. This will be another year where Bernie should be the candidate but instead the DNC will give it to a shady piece of shit like Corey Booker.

He acts like a progressive but lets be for real he is just like the rest of the swamp, a corporate bitch. Getting donations to do whatever they want. Wall Street and big Pharma loves him, but he swears they broke up last year. BOY BYE, once you get political donations from rich scumbags, you will forever be their bitch. That’s American Politics baby!

The next candidate tries so hard to appear nice and sweet but ask any of her staff she is a legit psycho. Sen. Amy Klobuchar has the most bizarre stories following her from Minnesota. Most of them involve her making her staff cry but another involves her eating her salad with a haircomb and making her staff clean it off after. Girl you nasty. If I was her staff I would of recorded it and make a quick buck by selling that to TMZ. “Senator Hair Comb do you have anything to comment regarding hairgate?” Last night she basically begged the audience to clap for her, so pathetic.  It was then I realized she has zero chance of winning. Go back to Mall of America Ma’am.

Beto O’Rouke, I’m sorry WHO? He looks like every home school kids dad. He gives off a vibe that he smells like Essential Oils and Home Depot. He is a prime example of why the media needs to chill. They shoved him down our throat and literally no one knows why. He peaked way too soon. He ain’t no Obama, get his Boy Scouts Troop Leader looking ass outta here.

Pete Buttigieg seems okay but is he even a Barbra Streisand fan? Like yeah he can play the piano but is he a Little Monster? I feel like if he was straight no one would give a fuck about him. They are all getting hard-on’s because he could be the first sassy President but is America ready for that? America needs a women president before a gay president. Is that rude to say?

People think women can’t be president because they are too emotional, girl have you met a gay dude? That white house will be fill to the brim with drama. No work would be done because the Real Housewives are on. Once a week he would make every member of NATO watch The Devil Wears Prada. Gay people are just drama, this is why my only Gay friend is Mike Pence. Plus what is up with those police chief tapes he doesn’t want released?

Kamala Harris is the only viable candidate who doesn’t have a shit ton of baggage surrounding them.  Plus she is everything I want in a mum, smart as shit, determined, no man pays her bills and her fashion sense is type chic. Watching her shut down someone during a session hearing while wearing pearls and a bossy suit jacket gives me life. Her time as AG of California however has been very suspect. She was very harsh on sentencing and refused to test DNA to prove an innocent man was in jail for a crime he didn’t do. But if that is all the negative shit they got on her then she can’t be too bad.

If you are thinking, wait daddy you missed out on mad people running, no I didn’t. Those people do not even stand out at a Walmart.  Kristin, move on already, if New Yorkers don’t like you, why would America? We don’t need Hillary 2.0.  If the dems are trying to show America why we need them so bad in 2020 they are doing a pretty shitty job at it. Stop being nice and start being aggressive like Trump is. If Kamala keeps the same energy she has during congressional hearings than I am HYPED for these 2020 debates. Let the drama begin.

Xoxo maybe I should run, I’m cute, I’m sassy and I have no sexual harassment scandals following me

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