Anyone waiting in line for Golden Corral needs an intervention

I was driving to meet my dealer at Chuck E. Cheese on Eire Blvd when I drove past the worst thing to happen to Syracuse since Governor Cuomo, Golden Corral. I was jaw dropped at how many people were waiting in line to shit their brains out. Do you have zero respect for your stomach and toilet? Eating that food is like basically drinking bacon grease. Where is your dignity?

Syracuse recently got a Golden Corral about a month or so ago and you would of thought Beyonce was in town. People were literally acting like it was the second coming of Christ. Lines out the door and down the road, for endless food worth $16.99. I believe thats the price, idk I’m not trash. But for the price of Netflix, you can get endless fried chicken and diabetes. MURICA!

I love me a good buffet but with prices that low there is NO way that food is made up to Gordon Ramsey standards. Not even gas station standards. How the hell are they making a profit? Like are they reusing the food for a couple days? I NEED to look at their profit and loss sheets. My theory is the food is the same food they serve at shitty nursing homes and hospitals. Aka the food that makes your stomach wanna commit suicide.

I thought this would be a week thing, maybe two but after almost a month there is still long ass lines, I AM SHOOK. This ain’t a Hooters or a Cheesecake Factory. THIS IS THE GOLDEN CORRAL, HAVE SOME CLASS.  Has Syracuse really become that trashy? Go eat a God damn salad. I bet Golden Corral’s salad bar is always untouched.

With all local scumbags in one place there was bound to be a fight and 2 weeks ago there was. I’m assuming it was over the last of the Roast Beef or some trashy bitch saw her baby daddys new hoe. Either way y’all scum.

Is this what we are raising our kids to believe in? That we wait in line like animals for a nasty ass Buffet. We are NOT Fulton. Golden Corral is meant to be a place you go once, judge the fuck out of it and the people then bounce. This isn’t a place we wait in line for, gross have some self respect. Syracuse we are better than that. And if you are saying, “well its cheap and all some people can afford” LIES. The amount of money you will spend on buying toilet paper and hiring a plumber is NOT worth the $16.99 buffet fee.

My girl and her man went last week and her stomach STILL doesn’t feel okay. Her man hyped that place up so much my girl thought she was eating gold steak. Instead she ate dog food. She told me that people in Syracuse are such fatasses that Golden corral had to implement a food limit. If that is true, Syracuse as a city is FUCKED. We are about to have so many fat ass little kids running around it will be like a horror film of heavy breathing and fat rolls.

Xoxo but really thou bring back Hooters, their wings be FIRE


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