Welcome to New York…..The rapists are waiting for you!


I am officially convinced there is a mass conspiracy to slowly murder New York as a state. From dumbass Cuomo literally milking anyone in the lower middle class like my cute ass DRY via taxes. Thus making me poor and unable to afford the Chanel pearl necklace I deserve. Or judges allowing rapists to go free because “its his first offense”. Me beating your ass is gonna be my first offense too.

Who the fuck would want to move here? Seriously we are becoming the Florida of the North. Or like Fulton on Steroids. Gross, nasty and downright tacky. Is Cuomo doing this on purpose so he can fulfill his real plan of making New York City a separate State? So his rich friends will be flowing in money. Well do it bitch, we don’t want your rats or piss filled streets. Y’all nasty. Have some respect, lay out some rat traps and wash down the piss. No joke the whole city smells horrible. And girl during a hot summer…. you won’t catch me within a 100 mile radius of that cesspool.

New York City being the centralized location of basically all of New York’s income is the real problem. Because NYC makes all the money, Cuomo does NOT give a fuck about Upstate New York. Why else would he want Amazon in a already bustling city instead of a dying one like Utica.  He is letting us rot, literally look at how shitty our roads and infrastructure are. I hit at LEAST 30 potholes a day.

I’m just waiting for the day a bridge collapses on me, I better survive so I can sue. He doesn’t have have money to replace bridges, but he does have money to give Amazon a nice rim job. Sorry I’m not rich yet Cuomo, my sugar daddy’s wife limits my monthly income. But even if I could become rich, your ass would destroy me in taxes. Income taxes, sales taxes, random ass taxes on my paycheck for God knows what. All you do is tax me, at least give me a kiss on the forehead after to make me feel not like a complete slut. This is why people are fleeing New York left and right. Ain’t nobody can afford to stay here nor do they wanna stay here with all these rapists running free.

Raping in taxes is one thing but allowing a rapist to get away with RAPE is legit hell worthy. To all my sinner friends in hell, meet your newest roommate, Jefferson County Judge James P. McClusky. Another ugly ass cracker who is allowing their own to get away with rape.  Yeah I keep on repeating that line cause I want it to get thru everyone’s thick ass skull. Bus driver Shane M. Piche from Watertown, NY raped a 14 year old girl who was on his bus route. Instead of giving him YEARS in jail, or castrated like I recommended, he got 10 years probation.

President of the He-man rapist club

The classic white boy slap on the wrists. Now I’m going to be THAT guy, you cannot tell me that if he was black, he wouldn’t off gotten the book thrown at him. The media would of vilified him and called him guilty before he even faced trial. But instead this piece of shit judge decided to make Shane get way with destroying a child’s life. That little girl has to live with that forever and this scumbag gets 10 years probation.

Oh he can’t smoke weed or stay out past 8. Do we not remember that ugly ass Asian dude on probation who cut off his ankle monitor and did that horrific crime to that little girl and her mother. Our weak laws ALLOWED that to happened. Child porn fans, rapists, molesters and just down right creeps need to be sent away to Guantanamo Bay for life. Get those sick fucks away from me. There is no way we can rehabilitate them, I’m sorry, case close. BYE FELICIA.

Who the fuck would allow this ugly fuck to drive a bus?

Why isn’t there a minimum sentencing for rape? If you rape someone, 30 years, if its a child, life. Even the prosecutors wanted him to serve time but nope Judge James thought that because this was his first time and only one victim he didn’t deserve that. Well fuck you scumbag imagine if that was your child. THINK ABOUT THAT. That little girls family must be so heartbroken right now. Imagine going to Wegmans and seeing your daughters rapist walking free like its a normal manic Monday. I would pop his ass so quick.

Xoxo ladies please be safe out there, trust no one and always have a weapon on you

I wish a brother would

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