You think the cops are violent now? Try being black and living in Philly in 1985

Twitter is THEE place for gossip and giggles but it also can be a wonderful place to learn America’s fucked up past. Anyone who takes 5 minutes to Google our history knows we have a bloody past. From slavery to using black people as medical test subjects, to even preventing them from getting mortgages.

America has done whatever it takes to systematically ATTEMPT to destroy the black community. But we all know black don’t crack. Most people think racist policies towards black people ended decades ago, but realistically it has never ended, its just done more discreetly. However with social media its becoming harder to cover this horrific shit up.

Imagine if the Philly cops today suspected a group of black “Terrorists” were holed up in a house in downtown Philly and because they couldn’t get them out without “violence” they decided to bomb the place. Yeah the world would throw a bitch fit as they rightfully should and everyone involved would be charged with terrorism. Shockingly this happened in 1985 and for some bizarre reason no one knows about it. Zero miniseries on it and only one documentary. I had to find out about this via Twitter, how sad. Is the police union threatening Hollywood to brush this under the rug? This is the perfect story for Netflix.

Let Papi start from the beginning of this massacre. MOVE was a black liberation group founded in 1972 by John Africa. They were based out of West Philadelphia and preached about black and animal rights with a turn back to nature and not modern technology. Basically they were a mix of the black panthers and PETA. Now this is my interpretation of them, going off my own research. I am not saying this group wasn’t violent because they were. But if you were a black person living in Philadelphia and was treated like shit everyday, you would be pretty violent too.

Their first run in with the law was in 1978, police officers tried to evict them from their home headquarters. A gunfight erupted and one police officer died. Many were injured on both sides but 9 members of the group were sentenced to 100 years for the officers death. 100 years is pretty excessive but again they were black and its the 70’s.

Because of what happened at their last headquarter they boarded up their windows and built a bunker on the roof. Between this and yelling political lectures from bullhorns at all hours of the night, which pissed off their neighbors. The neighbors began to complain to the police thus began this stand off. The police considered them a terrorist organization by the mayor and police commissioner because of a build up of illegal firearms. Again this is what the report says, I have no clue if this is all lies by the cops because I wouldn’t put it past them.

There was also reports of literal shit everywhere as they had no working plumbing. Plus they were stealing electricity, and as soon as you piss off big business you know its over. So with all this information they started to move in on the house. MOVE was warned of this so they started to board up the house.

On May 13th, 1985 they arrived with arrest warrants and ordered them to come out. The police claim that MOVE started to shoot at them. In retaliation, more than 500 police officers discharged over 10,000 rounds of ammo in 90 minutes, talk about over kill. But this wasn’t enough for the police. They contacted the FBI and got a C4 bomb. Mind you the cops knew that there were women and children were inside.

But they still decided to drop the bomb from a fucking helicopter. Literally a helicopter. This isn’t Iraq or Syria, this was fucking Philadelphia in 1985. Are these people dense? A fire broke out of course and began to spread to the whole block. Firefighters were told not to try to stop the fire because MOVE might shoot back, even thou a bomb legit just went off on them. So everyone inside was left to burn alive, children included. I’m sorry but I don’t care what these people did before, when children are involved you try to be as peaceful as possible, not drop a fucking bomb.

Dropping a bomb on a neighborhood is legit unconscionable. No matter what story these cops tell, what they did was wrong. The fire raged on for 4 hours. Besides a women and a 13 year old boy who escaped, everyone died. 11 deaths including 5 children, 5 adults and MOVE founder John Africa. No one has been charged for this act of legit terrorism but they did apologize! How stinking sweet! Saying sorry always brings back our dead loved ones.


60 houses burned down and a whole community was destroyed. How did the media report on this? Why isn’t this story more mainstream? Is it because everyone is afraid of the police union? Or is it because the media helped fuel this story by only reporting on the supposed “bad” things MOVE did. We will never know the full truth because lets be real, the police most likely burned it all in that fire. Imagine the police today dropping a fucking bomb on Syracuse. All hell would break loose. People who’s houses were destroyed did get brand new replacement ones…..that were made like shit and started to fall apart a few months later. Just another slap across the black communities face. So before you say racism died in the civil war do you research Klan Boy.

Xoxo can police learn to chill? Take a cig break and think before you blow


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