Who at Spectrum thought I was the one?

I am normally NOT that person who complains about someones work performance, because one does not throw rocks in a glass house. If you do good service, I will compliment you by filling out a survey.  But when someone does something beyond shady and suspect to me, I make it my mission to expose that shit. Like last week when Spectrum betrayed me with their LIES, then told me that this “is standard business practices”. For where? Trump University? So I decided to use my personal time to let the world know how SPECTRUM CONDUCT BUSINESS.

Luckily I have endless energy and personal time. Most would give up after the business rep refused to return my emails and calls. Not Papi! What happens if they did this to little sweet old Aunt Mary who’s 87 and just wants to her Fox News. But crooked Spectrum comes around and cons her into getting all this useless crap no one needs and conveniently comes with a “one time fee”, they conveniently forgot to tell her about. Businesses need to be up front with ALL fees, why lie? Why Hide? What would your mama think?

If you think I am being dramatic, then you are a part of the issue. This is NOT about the money, Spectrum can have the money since they are so desperate for it. Its about the principal. Businesses can NOT get away with this anarchy. Luckily I am blessed at my job and my boss can pay the fee, she is even willing to pay it, but I refuse to let her. Spectrum made ME look like a lair when my boss asked if there was any fees. BECAUSE THEY TOLD ME THERE WASN’T ANY. Do NOT tarnish my good name in order to meet your quota. Because that will be LAST quota you meet. I will give all homeless people in Syracuse T-shirts letting anyone who drives down Hiawatha Blvd know the REAL Spectrum.

This POS lied to me repeatedly on the phone AND when he emailed me a “bill” he made sure to NOT included it in the first email that stated the new plan vs the old plan. He instead hid it, in a APPOINTMENT CONFIRMATION EMAIL, which was all the way at the bottom, below all their logos, privacy policy info and the reps extra ass photo, is an attachment, AT the bottom of that attachment, below almost 3 pages of random business shit we can buy, including email, virus protection and new phones, is a bill, that states there is a one time fee of $99. I’m sorry, I didn’t know I had to read a F-ing book in-order to find out about random fees. WHO DOES THAT? Even Loan Sharks are more transparent than that.

Let me start from the beginning of this SCAM because ALREADY I am getting out of breath. Basically it was a normal day at work. I was super busy doing really important Tax things. Spectrum called US and said we needed to upgrade our equipment because it was outdated. This will lower our bill they said because we are bundling a phone with it. We get phone service from another provider, we don’t need your phone BUT OKAY. I ask multiple times, “is there any fees” he said no. Our rate would even be going down $40 dollars under the new plan, wow so blessed. SO I THOUGHT!

I had to ask my boss for permission to do this, she said yes as long as there is no random fees, so again I ask the Spectrum rep, “IS THERE ANY FEES”, and once again he said no.  So I said yes we can go ahead and do this. He emailed me a statement that detailed the new plan, which I will include below. Legit all this email states is the new rate compared to the old rate and NOTHING ABOUT A ONE TIME FEE. It even states at the bottom, “Nothing to pay or sign today”.

My first email from Spectrum, this would be the PERFECT spot to include the $99 dollar fee

Now a NORMAL and NOT SHADY business would include the “one time fee” notification here. If he did this, I would be so fine! There would be zero issue, because it was stated CLEARLY on the email. But Spectrum isn’t a normal business, they obviously went to business school in the Soviet Union.

I responded to this email stating what our hours were and he responded with the date and time they were coming. Now again, for a normal company this would just be an mail to confirm the date they are arriving but noooo not Spectrum, instead it’s a game to find, where’s the bill?! I didn’t realize this till after we got the bill and I discovered the fee. The billing agent asked me to search high and low on every email. Again, this is a bill we are talking about, not some iOS game.

This is the email confirming when they were coming. How convent that the attachment is place far below all that junk NO ONE READS

Imagine my shock when I found that attachment legit in no mans land, below all this random crap, basically in the bottom of a Newsletter. Lets be real, they do that on purpose, because they don’t want us to find it. She told me to speak to the rep I dealt with. I called and left a voicemail on Monday morning, we got nothing. So I emailed him that afternoon, I got nothing. So now I’m livid. He can’t even take the time to send me some bullshit answer.


The black circle is where they included the $99 dollar fee, ON THE LAST PAGE below all that bullshit

So I called the billing department again where the phone rep stated that there is nothing she can do because she didn’t handled the transaction. So I gave her every white moms favorite answer, “Then let me speak with your supervisor”. I honestly felt like that PTO mom everyone hates. After waiting a hot min for her, I’m assuming because other businesses are cussing them out over their lies as well, she gets on the phone.

This is where she proceeded to speak to me as if I was some idiot and told me I should learn to read ALL fine print. I told her, “I’m not signing a contract to be on American Idol”. She said let this be a life lesson. I go, “Honey this will be Spectrum’s most expensive life lesson”.

She then told me, it is common knowledge that Spectrum charges a $99 dollar installation fee anytime they come out. Common knowledge?!  BISH WHERE? Do you have a billboard around town that says that? Does Ellen Degeneres say it at the end of your TV commercial? I think not. Girl do NOT play me and especially do NOT talk to me like I am some idiot. I am the smartest person, I know. She goes “its in our flyers”. Well baby girl unfortunately I wasn’t blessed to receive one of those. BECAUSE WE GOT A PHONE CALL.

Then she told me, “well I can take off $20 if you are that upset”. Okay now she really got me salty. I don’t want your $20, use that money to buy a book on how to run a business, PROFESSIONALLY. That’s when I decided to pull out the big cards, “Why don’t you just listen to his phone call to me and see exactly what he said”. She goes oh that is smart I can do that. But she refused to play it on the phone UNLESS I GOT A WARRANT. Doesn’t she know one of my girlies works for the DA? I can get a warrant faster than this dude gets fired. What do they have to hide? She said she would call me right back, that was yesterday at 10am. STILL WAITING FOR A CALL.

Today I walked in expecting a voicemail, there was nothing. So you know me, I called right away and they said “his supervisor is reviewing my phone call and emails with the team and will get back to me asap”. Hopefully they have popcorn. Well till y’all get back to me this bill will NOT be paid. I’ll cancel them before I pay that. How can I have a business relationship with a company that condones lying and being shady. As a Catholic I just can’t!

I am truly floored that they said “I should learn to read all fine print”. Normal companies don’t include fees in their fine print! That would be like us preparing someones taxes, sending them a copy and saying “here you go, you are all set” and NOT telling them they owe the IRS because ” they should have read the fine print”. That is NOT professional AT ALL. Maybe my office was just raised differently and not by Bernie Madoff. If this is how Spectrum is training their agents then buckle up cause you WILL be sued by NEW YORK again. Why? Cause I won’t rest till you do. I’ll organised “Spectrum is shady 5k walk and runs”. Or “Spectrum is shady scavenger hunts”. Okay that actually could be fun.

Xoxo I forward this article to New York’s Attorney General, Fios, the Department of Justice, My Aunt Karen, My bible study group, TT’s ex boyfriend who works there and all my homies who own small businesses


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