The greatest shows you’re NOT watching and thus makes me judge you

Now that “Game of Thrones” has ended, its time for y’all to finally watch a few of MY favorite shows so we can gossip about them! I am the King of binge watching. I sold my soul to the devil so I never sleep. My nights consists of watching 10 episodes of a show each night, reading 5 chapters of my book and a light jog to TTs house, so I can peep in her windows to make sure she’s sound asleep by midnight.

Since mad bitches always ask me what shows to watch, imma talk about my two current obsessions and list my all time favorites below. I seriously watch so much TV, Hollywood call my ass, I have SOOO many ideas. From my reality shows including, “Can I borrow your Uterus”  to my sitcom, “My best friends dad”. And lastly my variety show, “The Daddy Dutch Hour presented by Titos Vodka”. I have million dollar ideas people, y’all just being ignorant at this point.

The first show I’m currently obsessed with is “Secret City” on Netflix. “Secret City” is a Australian political thriller that first premiered in 2016 but Netflix got the American rights last year. As soon as I watched the first episode I was HOOKED! I decided to watch it because my baby girl from “Fringe” (another fav show), Anne Torv is the main star. So basically, season one is about her work as a journalist who uncovers MAD MURDER, LIES AND BETRAYAL in Australian Government between the Americans and Chinese.

As any long time readers know, I am terrified of China. Russia doesn’t have the hacking capabilities like China does. This season made me even more spooked! It involves how far China will go to protect how inhumane they are as a country.  Plus it shows how every politician is low key shady as shit and definitely have mad alternative motives that involves money. Aka Liars and Losers who cover up for each other. Just like American politics!

Season two involves the same premises but different. I won’t ruin it for y’all cause I obviously want you to watch it! Daddy is NOT team spoiler baby. It may sound complex and boring at first but it really isn’t. For example, the show starts with a girl in China setting herself on fire yelling “Free Tibet”. Yeah, INTENSE!

It also covers how scary the NSA and other foreign nations domestic spying on citizens is. I bet the FBI agent in my webcam is agreeing with this right now. Omg movie idea, a NSA agent is watching a girl thru a camera and sees her get kidnapped. Does he alert the family and let them know the government is spying? Or does he shut his mouth and keep his job. Okay I’m writing that and if anyone steals it, I save all IP addresses.

My next current obsession should be a classic boring historical miniseries. Instead its a fucking horror show that literally gives me chills every episode I watch. It’s called “Chernobyl” on HBO, only 5 episodes, so it isn’t dragged on. Fingers crossed they don’t fuck up the ending thou (cough cough Game of Thrones)!  Well its real life, how can you fuck that up? Unless you are Russia and rewrite it so there is no “misinformation”.

Okay “Chernobyl” starts with a suicide and the start of the disaster. Talk about hitting the ground running. This show’s cinematography is mesmerizing, like I feel like I’m in Chernobyl during this shit show and its gives me hives. The show switches between Soviet party officials trying to brush everything under the rug, literally. They were the biggest group of idiots around. Only caring about their image and not the fact that thousands of people will die because of this disaster and millions will be left with radiation poisoning. Thanks Comrades!

The other characters are scientists attempting to discover what the hell really happen despite the Soviets trying to cover it up. Plus the political red line bullshit they face because the soviets truly thought this was just a little explosion that released the same radiation as a chest x-ray, girl BYE!  These people truly had no clue how bad this was. One girl warned this wife, don’t touch your mans, he’s been exposed. What does she do? Gets all up on him, even makes out. Do you wanna die sis?

You discover something about her in episode 3 I won’t ruin but lets just say I have a feeling the last shot of the finale will be like the chestburster scene in Alien. Run demon baby run! Also this show has the most male nudity in a TV show, yeah I know SO random, but it works. What I love about this show is how they capture how STUPID the party officials were. They had zero clue on what was going on, fire fighters are having their skin boil over in a painful death, while the officials are drinking and having a gay old time. It make me LIVID! Seriously everyone watch this show, it’s amazing and you will learn how scary nuclear power can be in the wrong hands, looking at you North Korea and Iran.

Below I will list my top other favorite shows, just in-case you finish those two shows hella quick, daddy got you covered!!!

  • Lost: Growing up this show was my shit, the mysteries and the cast make up for the shitty writing during the later seasons. The Series Finale is just like my love life, uneventful and depressing. But this show will forever have a special place in my heart because you gotta admit the first 3 seasons were amazing. This is on HULU now I believe. If not, Daddy got them all on DVD!
  • True Blood: A modern day vampire story set in Louisiana, that is funny, dark with sex sceness that are like really intense. Almost scary intense, like that must hurt. HBO Show.
  • Westworld: A theme park where the robots are so realistic you can have sex with them, murder them and start all over again the next day. But what if those robots start to gain a self-awareness…..bum bum bum. HBO Show.
  • Fringe: Anything created by J.J. Abrams will be my shit, this is no exception. Starting my girl from “Secret City”, Anne Torv, as a like x-files like detective that investigates weird ass crimes that seems like they are from another dimension. It was on Fox but now its like no where 😦
  • Twin Peaks- So it involves the death of a local pageant queen, sounds simple right? Nah this town and its coffee is fucking weird but to a certain crowd of weirdos like me this will be your muse. I love the music and the weird ass shit that makes me feel like I’m on acid. Nothing in Twin Peaks is as it seems. Showtime Show.
  • Mindhunter: If you love serial killers and “Criminal Minds” this is the show for you baby! It’s the true story about the start of the Behavioral Analysis Unit at the FBI, truly fucking creepy shit. The director of my favorite serial killer movie, “Zodiac”, David Fincher is the executive producer so you know its legit. And once again this one is starting my home girl, Anne Torv! She is a hustler. Netflix Show.
  • The American’s: A show about two Soviet spies living in America raising a family, who even they don’t know their parents are spies. It’s so juicy! The music is so bumping, ugh I love the 80’s, besides Reagan. FX show.
  • Big Love: Okay I truly think only I have seen this show. It’s about a Utah Mormon who lowkey has three wifey’s and no one in his town knows. The actresses who play his wives are adorable I love them all. Please watch this show, it shows you how cray cray Mormons are! HBO Show.
  • Homeland: What if you were a CIA agent and an informant told you a prison of war has secretly turned to the enemies side. Months later, a prison of war was released, no one believes you that he has turned. Do you more on or investigate? She’s a girl, obvs she looked into that shit. The first two seasons are good. Middle ones suck but last 2 seasons have been amazing. Showtime show.
  • Big Little Lies: I’m a sassy male, of course I love this show. A group of bad ass PTO moms covering up a crime, girl you know I’m there! HBO show.
  • Man in the High Castle:  What if the Nazi’s won the war? It’s a good show, but slow as shit. The storyline, actors and the cinematography is the only thing keeping me interested.
  • Mr. Robot: A hacker, hacks the biggest banking company and sets a plan to destroy all their information so there is no longer debt. It sounds basic but there is so many plot twists I love it. If only it was real life. I hate Salle Mae’s ugly ass. USA Network
  • Heathers: Okay this show hurts me because literally Paramount Networks is making it so no one can watch it. If you wanna watch it the shitty edited version cause they are pussies, check it out on their website. If you wanna be a real bitch, find the bootleg copies online, it will change your life. Click here for article
  • Real Housewives of New Jersey and Beverly Hills: Okay these are my favorite housewives series. From NJ and Danielle being accused of being a prostitution, coke slut whore. To Beverly Hills which that drama is so bizarre and unreal I can’t even summarize it. Watch on Bravo or Hulu.Article of RHOBH Article on RHONJ
  • The rest I’m too lazy to type of little cute summaries so i’ll list them below,Sharp Object-Click here for articlePose-Click here for article
    • Castle Rock
    • PowerClick here for article
    • Black Mirror
    • Arrested Development
    • Killing Eve
    • Veep
    • American Horror Story
    • Sons of Anarchy
    • 30 Rock
    • The OA
    • Desperate Housewives & Devious Maids
    • Degrassi-Click here for article
    • Dexter-besides the last episode like WTF what dumb ass wrote that
    • Summer Heights High, Jam’ie:Private School Girl, Lunatics- all from Chris Lilley
    • Wait how the hell did I forget, True Detectives: Season 1 is legit a work of art, season 2 was garbage and season 3 is good but could of been better. HBO

Xoxo if you are judging me for watching all these shows, just know this is like half the list, daddy needs to find a way to bottle his energy so y’all can be well versed in the art of television as I am



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