Can someone give homegirl an intervention?

I am seriously alarmed at how a group of people are acting like this one former bad bitch from our past ISN’T a scary sweaty hot mess right now. I’m getting serious Amanda Bynes vibes and its NOT okay. Like am I going to have to organize the intervention or will her “friends” man the fuck up. I understand y’all are busy trying to be independent babes, BUT y’all trifling. This could be a great way to get the gals back together. Have a group wine night, actually until you find out what the hell is going on, have a water night. And get your girl the HELP SHE NEEDS.

I am going to make this article very vague because it could be about mad bitches in my life. But if you think this is about you or one of your friends, IT IS WAKE UP. So many of my girlies are making mistakes but THEY ARE LEARNING FROM THEM. I believe you get one “damn it daddy I fucked up card”. You can make a uh oh spaghettios and I’ll be there to pick up your pieces while paying off to keep you out of the police blotter. HOWEVER, if you continue to make the same dumb ass mistake over and over again like some mental patient, Imma cut your ass off. I’m sorry I don’t condone stupidity.

But imma at least try to save your ass first! The problem with a lot of you baby girls is you give up way too quick on your girlies. I, at least will TRY to whoop your ass around, while OTHERS say,  “I’m super busy sorry girl hope you figure it all out”. Girl I’m hella busy too but I will make time to save a party girl gone wrong.

This is mainly about one girl I used to work with. I am truly scared for her like, Britney Spears 2008 scared. She is all around town being type messy. Make up running down her face, dirty ass clothes, scabs everywhere like she’s some skater boy and worst of all literally no one knows what she does during the day. She claims she works in an office but like hun where? All her Snap are at the bar or some sketchy ass house(thats off South Salina street according to Find My Friends). I’ve been taking screen shots of every random dude in her stories just in case she ends up missing. I’m being proactive.

She used to be top of her class, mad cute, even dabbled in a few Ms. New York beauty pageants but now she looks like Ms. Crystal Meth. I believe her fall from grace started years ago but no one has noticed because of all the Instagram filters she uses. For years I noticed her face-tuning has gotten more and more intense. If I made a graft, there would deff be a correlation between her drug use and her use of face tune. Oh for you real(not edited) bitches out there, Face Tune is an app to make your nasty skin look somewhat cute. Only pathetic people use it. I hard core judge them all.

I worked with her while attending college. She was always going out, getting trashed but somehow arriving to work and class the next day. I never knew how she did it, till the nose bleed incident of 2014. While we were at work, she started to gush blood everywhere. All over my new jeans too, I was livid, she’s lucky I have a heart. That’s the first sign your co-worker is a snow top nose gal.

This was the nose bleed from hell, it would not stop. I go girl something is wrong. Please leave. But she was convinced everything was fine and dandy, a cotton candy bloody Christmas.  After throwing mad shade, she finally went to urgent care. This is where she learned the one thing every young Hollywood actresses hates to hear, “you have a deviated septum”.

She was shocked, I was not. I warned her ass, but noooo she called me a nark. Rather be a nark than a holey nose hoe. Did she calm down? No she started to shove tampons up her nose and called it a Tuesday. I constantly tried to talk to her about her “issues” but she started to get nasty and cut my ass off. Now I wasn’t even that close with her to begin with so she’s lucky I made an effort. But to be rude to your only real ass co-worker, girl bye!

But her so called “close friend”, what is there excuse? Every time I mention that she has a problem they all say “stop worrying, she can handle her own, its all good in her hood”. Why lie? Is her Hood Fulton? Even Helen Keller can sense something is wrong with her. They all brushed it under the rug and acted like her rolling in the street downtown every night is normal. For New York City, that is normal, for Syracuse, its not. This is when they started to care, not because they grew a hear, but because her actions started to reflect badly on them.

So instead of trying to save her ass they cut her off. Who raised you? Satan? Not if but when she dies, then will you care? I bet you will blow up Instagram with old pics of y’all to make it all about you. Because sadly that’s the American way. No one cares, till its too late. And when its too late, they try to make it all about them. It’s disgusting. I know the truth and when that day comes, I WILL NAME NAMES.

She recently got charged with possession and again, instead of rallying together to save her, they are judging her and spreading her business. It makes me sick! Does Daddy have to do everything? I wanna ask her out to lunch but I’m afraid of her beating my ass. Should I hire a camera crew and make a docu-series out of it? For my protection obviously. It could be about her fall from grace, then due to my love, she rises again. It can end with her cussing out her so called friends for abandoning her. “I will kiss away your pain: Daddy’s journey to save a hot mess”. Okay I need to make that show.

Xoxo stop saying not my nose not my problem, IT IS YOUR PROBLEM


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