One of my homegirls has two dads, just without the gay shit

I think someone I know has a two dads fetish. Her dad is 100% straight and with a top notch wifey. But for some bizarre reason his daughter dates potential cold case murders. I’m convinced we will find out he killed Heidi Allen before we find out he really loves her. She can’t be with him for her own benefit because who wants to wake up to father time? Talk about dried baloney.

I think its because she is a culture vulture who wants people to think this old ass dude is her other daddy. Everyone knows her REAL dad, we love and adore him. But old man wrinkles, HELL NO. He is that awkward Grandpa that ask you to “give him a spin”. Unfortunately for him, this spin will give him a heart attack.

No one in their right mind would think these two are romantic together. He dead ass looks like the Grandpa from Up. When I first met him he talked about “the good old times” I thought he meant the 1950’s. He said nah pre-civil war. I was disgusted and told his Robert E. Lee looking ass to go back to Dixie.

Every time she introduces him as her boyfriend there is a collective gag. Where is his Grandchildren during all this? How did he escape the nursing home? Honestly, once they made out downtown and 2 people went blind while another 4 threw up, it was pandemonium.

I don’t care what you weird ass people think, people with such a drastic age difference are NOT in love. In most cases, baby girl has daddy issues or old man is a creep who is preying on someone who is desperate for fatherly love. Either way lock them both up. Every time she gets dump by these dudes because they wanna go back to their families. She goes after another dude 5 years old. Now she’s a 62 and I am seriously concerned.

He looks almost like her dad so that’s why I’m like wait…..that could be her daddy. Is she doing this because it’s pride month? Does she wanna be viewed as a LBGTOldMan ally? What the hell could it be? Because he ain’t cute. It’s one thing to have a sugar daddy you hide from the world, but to flaunt this shit is just RUDE! Have some common decency, hang out at his nursing home or go to the Early Bird specials at Golden Corral starting at 4pm Monday thru Friday.

Xoxo she always has white around her lips, I thought it was from a doughnut but instead it was his dusty nut

P.S. this isn’t about TT, its about that girl I saw at the cobblestone two weeks ago


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