Can New York legalize and not just decriminalize weed already?

New York plays way to much. Instead of legalizing weed and getting a shit ton of tax revenue from it, thus reviving our failing city schools. Cuomo would rather us be a welfare heroin nation to protect his buddies at the pharmaceutical industries. When I was in California it was a stoners heaven.

Weed delivery apps that deliver you whatever you want in less than 30 minutes. No drama and no “I’m almost there” but his ass is really still home. And best of all, NOT GETTING ROBBED(look up my popcorn story). Pre-rolled joints, regular bud and even edibles on fleek, the Eaze app had it all.

My first night there I was able to order weed as soon as I got off the plane. I could of cried. No more meeting sketchy dudes in the mall parking lot. No more wondering what the fuck I am smoking. No more getting shitty ass bud and still paying high prices for it. California is honestly making stoners healthier by protecting us! All weed shops have to check their weed for bugs, toxins and other shady shit. You think Lil Jimmy from South Salina street is doing that?

White New Yorkers are the shadiest dealers, they will do THEE most besides get a new connect. One dealer I knew(before I deaded him) would freeze his weed to make it purple or add drops to make it smell stronger. Boy Bye, you ain’t out smarting me with your ghetto chemistry. I figured that out real quick and told every his weed was poopy and had fabreeze on it. As soon as you lose my trust in the kush game its over for you. I will never go back and I will trash you on yelp.

In Cali I went to this ADORABLE weed shop that treated me like royalty. 10% off everything because I was new and type cute. They had a eighth of the day for $15, talk about a deal! I wanted a good edible because the ones here are ass so home boy hooked me up with a weed shot. Now I thought I had a high tolerance till I took this. I drank it around 1pm and laid down to watch Switching Goals by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Not even 20 minutes go by and its kicking in hella quick. My body felt like car gears that I couldn’t control. I honestly saw my spirit float way from my body, I was like girl come back here da fuq. I had like an hour long convo withe the cat, it was an eye opener. We squashed all our beef.

I was afraid the cleaning ladies would think I was dead so I went to my room where I passed out till 6pm. I was literally passed out for 5 hours. It was amazing, the best and scariest sleep of my life. I woke up so refreshed, think of all the parents with sleeping issues that need this. And if you are thinking wait why would anyone want that? It was only scary for me because I drank the whole thing, I guess I should of read the direction? Yolo!

Cuomo made it seem as if legalizing weed this year was a sure fire thing. He even spoke of it at his State of the State, so what the fuck is the issue? This is a money making machine for everyone. One of my weed delivery drivers was a sweet 60 year old Mexican Mami. She is retired and does this for some side cash, she loves it. Stoners are honestly so sweet and generous, so the clientele isn’t as shady as Uber and the tips are better.

Plus isn’t weed already decriminalized? If you have less than an Ounce you get an appearance ticket and a small fee. Unless you are black and get pulled over by Syracuse City Cops, then you get beat up and charged with dozens of other charges. Cuomo only said this to get media attention and like with everything else he does, he forgets about it. What happened to making the Tolls free for Syracuse Citizens? Or the water taxi’s on Onondaga Lake? Or all the other failed projects he has done. Literally the only thing he was useful for was the Amphitheater. NEW YORK CITY STOP VOTING FOR HIM. Y’all are the only ones doing it.

If we allow him to win his next election New York will forever be fucked. Calling him tacky would be an understatement. We need to ban together and get this waste of space idiot out of office. He will forever be big businesses bitch boy and I’m over it. People are in chronic pain, having seizures and PTSD related issues and instead of helping them relieve it, he would rather drug them up with Opioids, cruel fuck. ITS DISGUSTING. He is NOT a democrat.

Xoxo eat shit Cuomo

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