Screw your rainbow shirt

I am so over big business acting like they are champions for gay rights because they slap a rainbow on their logos, boy bye! Stop acting like 5 years ago half of you didn’t even acknowledge gay people. Or worse openly discriminate against them. All over Social Media these companies are tweeting “Yass queen show the word how gay you are by buying Kosher Dill Pickles”. Discover Card has an AD where they have all their gay “customers” come together and speak about what pride means to them.

Wow such allies, but what does who you sleep with have to do with your predatory interest rates? “Hi here at Discover we love that you suck dick. All dick suckers get free rainbow credit card just to show you how much we care”. I call this sassy capitalism. Every major brand is selling Gay Pride shirts but as soon as July hits are they straight again? They have turned Pride Month into a month long sassy St. Patrick’s day. My lifestyle is not a marketing trick. Why doesn’t Old Navy sell Black History Month Shirts?

Talk about a joke. If they really cared they would donate ALL the profits to poor gay youth, not sell them at a mark up to rich white “allies”. I’m sorry but white people are THE WORST when it comes to pride. They use it to promote themselves on social media FOR THE LIKES. Its like one big photo shoot for white bitches. Its honestly the Gay Coachella. Classic white people taking everything away from minorities.

They are making gay pride all about them and how “supportive we are”. “Oh look at me I support gay people but behind closed doors I still say they are going to hell”. Which by the way we are! Heaven sounds like a drag,  hell sounds like 24/7 mimosas. BTW nothing pisses me off more than straight people wearing the rainbow flag as a cape. Are you Gay Pride Man? So disrespectful and not a cute look.

Every year I have straight people message me that they are “ready to attend pride this year”. Umm okay go tell your priest why the hell would I care? You would not catch me dead there. All that gayness will take the attention away from me. You don’t need a token gay person to attend pride, just fucking go.

I don’t know why people think gay people can take only 5 people to pride, it’s not the Met Gala or Morgan’s camp on the 4th of July, there is not an invite list. It’s at the Inner Harbor, walk your fat ass there and dance I guess? Last year a FORMER girlie messaged me that she wanted to go with “me and my crew”. I ripped her apart as nicely as I could be. Why would you assume I would go? Because I’m sassy and cute? I don’t ask her German ass if she’s going to the Holocaust museum to pay her respects for the crimes of her grandfather. Why? Because I have manners and I judge in the privacy of my home.

I don’t even go to gay bars, so why would I entertain a gay pride festival. My pride festival is being cute 24/7. I hate how people assume because I’m a sinner I only go to gay bars and I live for pride each year. Do I assume you live at planned parenthood because of your weekend lifestyle ASHLEY?

Going to pride doesn’t make you an ally, not being a dick does. To be honestly, watching Pose, Euphoria or anything with Tom Cruise makes you an Ally. These new hoes watch one episode of Queer Eye and suddenly think they are queen of the fags. And “Ready to take on pride”. Bitch sit your ass down and go watch a make up tutorial.

Real allies speak up when they need to and NOT make everything about them. No one cares Carol that you bring your 5 year old to pride, we find it weird. Those are the people who go home and say behind closed doors they support gay people but just not marriage. Girl me either, why be tied down for life, but I can say that, your ass can’t. Pride is not YOUR story line!!!

Xoxo white straight people ruin everything

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