The new beggar on John Glenn isn’t homeless, he’s just my bum ass cousin, don’t entertain him

I wasn’t going to write this because I thrive to not put anyone on blast (anymore). But then I thought nah putting his ass on blast IS exactly what the Lord would want me to do. The new “Homeless man” begging for money on John Glenn Blvd is legit my cousin, yeah I was shook too. But honestly I’m not, he’s always been a human trash bag. I just left church on Sunday like every good Catholic should. I was on the phone with my girlie catching up when I reach the light on John Glenn.

There is normally a older gentlemen who actually looks homeless. Dirt on clothes and face, aka the whole package(or it could be make up, trust no one). But this time it was a younger man wearing bright neon green shoes that looked brand new. So I was like okay something is up, that’s when we made eye contact. I realized I know this fake ass bum from unfortunately my own family tree. My jaw legit dropped, I was floored.

He made a nasty ass smirk and walked down the road away from my car. Probably because he knew my ass wasn’t giving him SHIT. He is NOT a charity tax write off. I was honestly in a standstill for about 3 minutes when I snapped out of it due to the non stop honking of the cars behind me. My home girl thought our call was dropped. Nah the only thing dropped was my jaw. I knew his ass was a scammer but I NEVER thought he would stoop this low.

Who the hell does he think he is? There is real homeless people out there who need help and people giving HIM money instead of the people who actually need it. Karma is coming for him! I was beyond disgusted with his ass. I told my auntie(not his mother) who didn’t believe me till I went back and took a picture. A mutual hobby of ours is stalking his baby mama’s Facebook because it’s nice to know where our taxes are going. And that’s when I fucking lost it.

Later that night she was on Facebook BRAGGING about how she was proud her (bum ass) Hubby was “doing what he had to in order to support his family in this horrible heat”. GIRL BYE! He wasn’t working a construction job nor was he paving driveways. HE WAS PRETENDING TO BE HOMELESS FOR MONEY. Were you proud of him when he ran away with all your tax refund in March? Where you proud when he blew it on hookers, drugs & a cheap motel for a week? Proud my ass, she is a bigger joke than he is for enabling this and spreading LIES on Facebook. You have got to be shitting me.

And if you are wondering, well Matt maybe he actually needs the money. BULLSHIT, I wrote about his ass during tax season because he got back $6000 for doing jack shit. He claimed his daughters THAT DIDN’T EVEN LIVE WITH HIM NOR DO THEY HAVE ANY CONTACT WITH HIS ASS. Click here for that article

Also, if you are wondering, well Big Daddy, maybe they are actually homeless after he blew that $6,000, no honey they live in a trailer and just bought a blow up pool. They took a legit photo shoot in front of it for Facebook. Acting like they in Cancun girl bye. What a fucking joke. Neither of them work and its not because they are disabled, its because they are the definition of LAZY.

What pisses me off the most, is on the same Facebook post she said “they are more than comfortable now and out of this hole”. I was going to upload this yesterday but I thought, maybe it was a one time thing and I’ll let it be. But nope, he was out there again yesterday and TODAY. This is like his new full time job, does he get a W2 for it? What is he claiming on his W4? Please let a brother know! I create 1099’s at my job and come January I WILL be sending his ass one. He WILL be paying taxes on that income mark my words.

He isn’t homeless nor poor he is just a lazy ass bum who lives off the system and finds ways to scam the world, it makes ME SICK. I work my ass off for what? To get half of my check taking out to support his worthless ass?

I’ve been fired from 5 jobs through out my life(all for bullshit jealous ass reasons), I’ve even wrote a book about it entitled “Wait YOU fired me?……….OKAY” a 5 chapter memoir of the 5 jobs I’ve been fired from and  in the end I won and the people who fired me failed. But I’ve always rebounded and come back stronger than ever with a fatter paycheck. So what the hell is his excuse? Walk your ass down to the mall and get a damn job, stop being a waste of space.

It’s disgusting to me that there are real homeless people that actually need help and instead people are giving it to his pathetic ass. We have to stop enabling people like him. I’ve volunteered my time at multiple soup kitchens and one thing I’ve learned is the real homeless people aren’t out there begging for money. They are at the soup kitchens or the rescue mission getting REAL HELP. 99% of the people on the streets begging are fake beggars like my loser ass cousin. I wanted to stand out their with a sign saying “his ass ain’t homeless, he’s just lazy, ask my auntie for proof”. But I can’t because I work FULL TIME unlike him.

If you really wanna help these people give them gift cards to Aldi’s if you have too. At Aldi’s they can’t buy liquor or cigs. They can get groceries for their families and that is it! Better yet give them clothing, blankets and food. NOT MONEY. They are turning our generosity into a legit job and it’s disgusting and un-Catholic like, I’m deff snitching to God. Do they include this on this resume? I cannot wait to tell his mother about this. I got videos and photos because I already know her ass is going to call it fake news. No honey the fake news is your sons new “Job”.

Xoxo what the hell happened to the old man before him? Did my cousin him murder him for this spot? Do they have a work schedule? Who works nights?

P.s. don’t judge ME for this, I wrote his ass off decades ago, he is NOT invited to my Harry Potter themed wedding nor my funeral at the Hotel Syracuse

P.s.s if you think I am wrong for writing this, YOU ARE A PART OF THE PROBLEM, we need to put liars and LOSERS on blast


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