Who REALLY killed Garrett Phillips?


I live for a good Documentary about injustice, not just because they are hella addicting. But because they show the corruption we STILL have in our legal system. Don’t get me wrong, America has one of the best legal systems in the world. In China if they say you are guilty, your ass is guilty, no trial will save you. China is HELLA scary. I ain’t ever visiting.

But in America you at least get a somewhat fighting chance, even when the whole town is doing whatever they can to prove you are guilty despite the evidence saying other wise. That is literally what happened to Oral “Nick” Hillary from Potsdam, New York. A town about two hours from my hometown.

I first became aware of this case when it first happened in 2011 because Nick was my friend’s soccer coach at the time. From the jump he said his coach was innocent of the crime he was being accused of. After I watched the HBO’s documentary on the case, “Who killed Garrett Phillips” I knew his ass was innocent. I was jaw dropped at how badly the police fucked up this case up. They knew right away who they wanted the suspect to be and did whatever it took to make the case stick.

Long story short, Nick was accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend Tandy Cyrus older son, Garrett Phillips who was 12 at the time. Before Nick and Tandy started dating, she was dating John Jones a Potsdam cop. To me it sounded like Tandy started to date Nick while she was dating John and Nick was married. But they were all very vague about it, beside John who was adamant it was while they were dating.

John Jones was NOT happy about this break up and to many, he was even more mad that Tandy left him for a black man. Race is a HUGE factor in this case. Nick was basically the only black man in this town. As the only black man he stood out and brought out this towns racism. Nick and Tandy were fine till their relationship caused too many problems between her and her two boys, including Garrett.

My understanding is that Garrett was bullied from other students because his mother was dating a black man, that is why he hated Nick. But according to Garrett’s uncle, he hated Nick because he was too “strict”. I tend to believe the bullying theory. We all know kids can be pricks.

On Monday, Oct. 24th 2011 between 4:55pm and 5:08pm, Garrett was strangled and suffocated in his apartment at 100 Market Street. Neighbors heard strange noises from Garrett’s apartment and called the cops. The responding officer thought he heard sounds coming from inside as well. As soon as they entered the apartment, no one was inside and it appeared someone jumped from a rear window to the street below. Mind you this was off the second floor, during the day. In a town with little to none black people, don’t you think someone would immediately notice Nick jumping from the window and running away?

The police called in Tandy who conveniently came to be interview with none other than John Jones. How the hell did they allow that? He should of been a prime suspect and Tandy has reported him to the police in the past for harassing her and he even took Tandy to small claims court over some bullshit. But now he is “by her side”. He said it was because he wanted to give her moral support but any Crime Junkie knows, 99% of the time the real murderer tries to enter himself into the investigation to see what evidence they may or may not have.

John Jones also called the 911 dispatched to see who the office who responded on the scene was. Maybe John Jones is just super curious but why would they release that information to him? Is that even legal? They all knew he was Tandy’s ex and they had issues. Another theory is that the boys bullying him may have be harassing him and it got out of control. That theory doesn’t really stand with me because children talk and gossip, no way one of them wouldn’t crack by now.

Nick was immediately called down to the police station for questioning and was fully cooperative. This in my opinion was stupid because they were twisting everything he said. Innocent or not you ALWAYS have a lawyer with you while being questioned. Legit trust no one. Look at “Making a Murderer” Brandon got screwed because his mother allowed him to speak to investigators by himself. Now he’s in jail for a crime he didn’t commit.

Also they took a shit ton of naked photos of him for God knows what reason. But the only ones they took of John was his hands and feet and that didn’t even include his full body. How do I know that its really him and not one of his buddies? Give me a break, take the same photos of John you did with Nick.

There was no DNA evidence against Nick, even thou they found DNA under Garrett’s fingertips. The only “evidence” against Nick was security camera footage of him at the high school down the road from Tandy’s Apartment around the same time Garrett was skating down the road. Instead of going right, Nick goes left, so the DA said that Nick was “hunting” Garrett. But this would only give him legit a few minutes to park his car down the road, sneak into the apartment, kill him, jump out the window and run back home. AND pray to God no one saw him. God ain’t handing out blessings like that to anyone. Not even me!

That theory would only make sense if Nick had a grudge over the break up. But they ended on good terms and even after the break up Tandy was messaging Nick to meet him at the bar because “he was a good dance partner”. Nick had an alibi which was he was at home with his eldest daughter beginning at 5:21 p.m. Then his friend/colleague Ian came over. So again how the hell would he have time to do all this? Plus if he jumped from that window Nick should have some type of injury.

He had a small scab on his ankle but to me it looked like a old wound as it was already covered up by a scab. The police claimed up and down Nick had a limp the neck day but footage proved that was wrong. It seemed that the police was just throwing lies out there to slander his name with nothing to back it up. A jump that height would cause a legit injury not a little scab on his ankle.

This case is mind blowing and it just gets crazier from there. The case was so messed up and there was even a witness who claims he saw John Jones go into the apartment that day but conveniently the DA, Mary Rain a legit brat, “forgot” to tell the defense about that. Even crazier a couple who made multiple statements the day of the crime, that they didn’t see anyone in the apartment. Years later the boyfriend randomly claimed he NOW saw a black man in the window who was “black as hell”. Give me a fucking break.

Luckily the girlfriend Shannon Harris was like WHY LIE and recorded the conversation. The case was so shady that they brought in my local DA, William Fitzpatrick. I felt bad for him because I don’t think he realized how fucked up this case was until it was too late. You even see his reaction when the defense calls Mary Rain out for not telling them about the John Jones witness. It was hella dramatic. Law & Order type shit.

So in the end, Nick was proven NOT guilty and racism is what prevented them from finding the REAL murderer in this case. It’s 2019 put race aside and LOOK AT ONLY THE EVIDENCE. A murder is still out there because y’all wanna protect your loser ass co-worker. Sorry he got his heart broken, cry me a river about it.

Please watch this documentary and let me know WTF y’all think because this case got me SHOOK! The racism was so bad in this case Nick had to ask for a trial by judge and not jury. Of course the DA said she knew one of the jury and he was “a good man”. WTF give me a break y’all. The DA was forced to step down and was barred for 2 years for all her incompetence. She should be in jail, actually throw the whole squad in jail. They are all liars and losers.

Xoxo stop framing black people PLEASE, it’s such a bad look


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