Yooo rich people, canceling your Equinox membership hurts the employees NOT the Owner, y’all are dumb for REAL

I am truly over the era of rich celebrities telling US what to do. You don’t pay my bills. So don’t tell me how to live MY life. Before, celebrities had their personal life and their private life. It feels like after Trumps win however, all we hear about from celebrities is them shoving their political beliefs down our throats. Did we ask? Do we care?

It is no longer about their new movie or song but about how they hate Trump and anyone who supports him is a “racist, homophobic inbreed fuck”. COOL FOR YOU. I asked you what you thought about turning The Devil Wears Prada into a musical, not who gets turned on by guns. Beyond extra.

So when I saw rich celebrities telling members of Equinox and Soulcycle to cancel their memberships because the owner Stephen Ross was hosting a fundraiser for Trump I was floored. Do people not understand that canceling your memberships will only lead to the EMPLOYEES losing hours thus not qualifying for benefits and potentially getting fired in the end due to decrease in funds. Is that what you rich pricks want? These companies NEVER punish anyone on top, it’s always the little people at the bottom who get let go. And y’all are contributing to it.

Like little sweet Darlene, who teaches Hot Yoga to benefit her 3 children as a single mom. Now she has to find employment else where because a group of rich pricks told her clients to cancel their membership over SOMEONE ELSE’S BELIEFS. I cannot believe people are freaking out because someone likes Trump. Who the hell cares, you can think the man is a piece of shit, but why are you trying to hurt people that work for him and do not share the same beliefs as him? Was his staff invited to this little get together? No! Are they donating thousands of dollars to it? NO! But will they be the ones to suffer because of this, YES! It’s so ass backwards it’s unreal.

People are legit planning protests outside Equinox gyms today because of it. As if he will even be there. All that will do is create headaches for the EMPLOYEES not the asshole throwing the fundraiser. Are these people THAT dense? Grow the hell up.

This guy owns a shit ton of buildings all across America. Is everyone who lives or work in these building going to move out as well? I think not. Also, he owns Miami Dolphins are people going to be canceling that shitty team as well? No because they would rather make a stink and hurt people who again HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS. They just work for the guy, they aren’t apart of MAGA country. They don’t even chew dip! Nor do they watch Fox News.

The best part is, this little “act of protest” will only last another day or so. It will be dropped as soon as it started because American’s have short attention spans. So they focus one on stupid act of protest till another one pops up. Remember protesting Chick Fil A? How did that work out. None of these businesses are truly ever canceled. They get harassed for a bit, a few low end staffers get fired due to decrease in profits meanwhile the Chairman’s pay never gets touched.

Stephen released a statement, “I have known Donald Trump for 40 years, and while we agree on some issues, we strongly disagree on many others and I have never been bashful about expressing my opinions. I have been, and will continue to be, an outspoken champion of racial equality, inclusion, diversity, public education and environmental sustainability”. One might think this will be the end of this drama but it won’t till the next corporate blunder.

Use this same energy on NESTLE, who is stealing the worlds water while manipulating poor woman into not breast feeding so they will buy their baby formula. We as a nation need to STOP getting mad over the little things and getting mad at the REAL VILLAINS. Like Jeffery Epstein or the person who canceled “The OA” on Netflix.

Because all this is doing is dividing the country even more. Let this chairmen show the world how much of a piece of shit he is, and put his ass on blast. But DON’T hurt his employees because of it. How you would like it if your job’s owner did something like this and YOU got punished because of it. Try explaining to your children that you are now jobless because your boss wanted to throw a fundraiser for the Cheeto in office.

Xoxo there is legit slavery in Libya and THIS is what we are focusing on, Shame on you America

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