Why is a mobile food stamps truck advertising on Facebook?

I was stalking trash bags on Facebook the other day when I saw an AD for “Snap Grocery Truck Syracuse”. I honestly thought it was a joke, so for a quick giggle I clicked on it. But nah this ain’t no joke, there is literally a Food Stamps Truck that drives around Syracuse and delivers your groceries. I was shook, confused and appalled. Is this legal? Where is their permits?Is there a delivery fee? Who authorized this trashiness?


After some quick stalking, their truck looks like something a sex offender would drive. All white and all creepy. That thing should NOT be driving around children. Imma spray paint GHETTO on the side one day. I got bad vibes just looking at it. No I do NOT want any candy Sir.

Inside the truck they have coolers of breakfast meats, shrimp, lobster, salmonella and other sketchy looking things. Where’s their warehouse? They also have dry food, snacks and HELLA Little Debbies. Half the truck is full of Little Debbie’s Cosmic Brownie, Honey Buns and Nutty Bars. Is Little Debbie that shady bitch lowkey behind this? To me it seems this truck has everything BUT healthy options. Talk about diabetes BABYYYY.

The reviews on their Facebook page is when you get the REAL gossip. This place charges double sometimes even triple the normal amount for one item. I assume this is how they make their money but that is legit scamming the Government. Imma tell Daddy Trump. Also say you hungry now but don’t get your stamps till Monday they will charge your Food Stamps card then(so stinking ghetto). But plot twist they are being accused of charging your EBT card for more than what was agreed upon. So RUDE! So Scammy.


Sadly there is nothing these people can do unless the Government shuts this trashy ass thing down. There is no app or hotline to dispute fraud food stamp charges sadly because ain’t nobody have time for that. I wouldn’t hold my breathe on one either Trump is gutting the Food Stamps department left and right. I believe it needs to be overhauled to stamp out fraud but not slowly destroyed. Poor people have a right to eat too, HOWEVER they don’t have a right to eat junk food. Why should I pay for a single parent to use their food stamps to feed their children soda and Doritos? Eat a damn Apple.

It should be like WIC where you can only get certain items, but that’s a can of trash bag worms for another day. This Food Stamp scam isn’t the first and won’t be the last. When I went to SU I would always go to the trashy corner stores for my 4 for $5 Dutchmasters and I swear I was the only one paying cash. Everyone else would pay for everything using Foodstamps, liquor and cigs included. The store just charges you double in Foodstamps. So a $4 dollar Four Loko would be $8 in Food Stamps. So disgusting because the people who really need stamps don’t qualify. TT got so stinking skinny so fast maybe she needs to get on Food Stamps. Eat up bitch.

So in all this food truck is beyond trashy and needs to be shut down! I best not see this truck at one of my baby girls houses, I will tell their baby daddies hella fast. Bye Bye Child support. Please stalk this page on Facebook, mad trash bags arguing in the comments about how they earned “their food stamps”, I was dying of laughing. Get off Facebook and get a damn job.

Xoxo mom the food stamps truck is here!



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