No Box November

A lot of dudes and feminists are doing no shave and/or no nut November but not me, I’m an original ass bitch. Plus if I don’t shave I look like a sex offender. So I’m doing something a little but more catholic, and more impactful: no box November.

For the whole month of November I will have zero contact with box to represent the daily struggles women that don’t have me in their lives go through every day. Not TTs, not big Shay and not even Céline’s. Ladies I don’t care if you hit me up and say daddy come over I got Nutella, daddy is stay away from all baloney lips and open wounds.

I want my girlies to see how other girls have to live. They take me for granted so this will be a good lesson on how to live on their own without me. Trying to act all independent ‘n shit by co-signing on their deadbeat mans car loan without my permission. Knowing damn well he ain’t paying those monthly payments. They wanna be grown all of a sudden. I’ll treat them grown.

As a total babe magnet I get box thrown at me left and right. So it’s not even like I need some of these jealous babes in my inner exclusive VIP pretty babes only circle anyways. Black, Asian, Hispanic it doesn’t matter, all the bitches love daddy. I try to avoid white girls because they honestly give me headaches with all their petty ass mayonnaise drama. I don’t know if it’s my false compliments about their “cute” style to uplift their spirits. Or I’m just a total stud. Either way I got mad multicolored hoes, I’m like a crayon box, without the sharpener.

To distract me from box, I am writing my first Young Adult novel called “Cayrose: From meatballs to dick” this will be one of a six part series on the life on a young Italian high school girl who’s quite rigatoni life gets thrown upside down by the all her questionable boyfriends.

Will she learn her lesson and stay away from fuck boys. Or will she continue down this path of trying to “save them” till she goes insane. You can only be fucked over so many times before you snap….. This book will have it all, drama, suspense, betrayals, jealously, meatballs and plot twists so good even Shondra Rhimes will be like “YOOO BITCH DID WHAT?”.

Ugh I can already envision the Netflix series based on the best selling books. I have an outline, I have the classic rising and falling action but it’s like do I pull an Anne Frank and have it be diary entries. So you can hear it from her pathetic ass point of view.

Or do I have it be from third personal point of view so I can throw mad lowkey shade. Ugh so difficult. I need like a creative partner. I have so many ideas but I need someone to bounce shit off of so I can weed out the poopy stories and find the gems. Also so they can write everything for me because I get hella distracted. Message me if you are interested. I will smoke you out and dictate the story. I’ll give you 20% of book profits. Non negotiable.

Xoxo Jeffrey Epstein was murdered ❤

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