Go into debt in style, with the Apple Card

I've been using the Apple Card for about two weeks now and Papi likes. The actual card is made of a sexy titanium that is thick like a bitch. The front has only your name sketched in with the apple logo to the top left. Very Wee Wee. There is no card numbers on the... Continue Reading →


Who REALLY killed Garrett Phillips?

I live for a good Documentary about injustice, not just because they are hella addicting. But because they show the corruption we STILL have in our legal system. Don't get me wrong, America has one of the best legal systems in the world. In China if they say you are guilty, your ass is guilty,... Continue Reading →

Screw your rainbow shirt

I am so over big business acting like they are champions for gay rights because they slap a rainbow on their logos, boy bye! Stop acting like 5 years ago half of you didn't even acknowledge gay people. Or worse openly discriminate against them. All over Social Media these companies are tweeting "Yass queen show... Continue Reading →

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