Can the gay community STOP taking away MY special day? Why I hate National Coming Out of the Closet Day.

The gay community are the most self centered group of people I've ever made fun of. They are THAT jealous of me they literally are trying to take away MY special day aka my birthday. Or as they call it National Coming Out of the Closet Day. EYE ROLL Seriously if you try to come... Continue Reading →


Holy Spirit may we light up here?

Okay I seriously giggle when people who are SOO RELIGIOUS, talk down upon weed. They act as if the people who smoke that good good are horrible people. Well A. God made weed so are you saying God made something bad? B. your husbands a drunk, go worry about that! I'm sorry stoners are way... Continue Reading →

Daddy’s First Séance!

Due to the fact that my Podcast with Deb is over 2 hours, I'll be spending the day editing the hell out of it. Plus I have to raise the audio because she talks so damn soft lol but trust me this Podcast will be worth it. Deb spills the gossip on her life, driving... Continue Reading →

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