I can get a handy cheaper than a drink: My time seeing Baby Girl Janet Jackson at the Lakeview Amphitheater

Yesterday God truly blessed TT and I with a concert by the Queen of pop, Miss Janet Jackson. I have been a member of Rhythm Nation since I first saw "Poetic Justice" years ago. The world does NOT give Janet the credit she deserves. She is 51 on stage, a year after giving birth and... Continue Reading →


Nursing homes are hell on earth

I am BEYOND done with seeing how shitty nursing homes are in the news. Every week I swear we hear about another piece of shit nursing home being shut down or investigated. Do y'all have no shame? Would you want your mum or papa to be left in their own shit all day? Or thrown... Continue Reading →

Fuck your co-pay Doc

I am beyond DONE with this co-pay BULLSHIT! For years I was receiving AMAZING healthcare with NO co-pay at all. Now I gotta go broke just to find out if I'm sick? It's sad I have to choose between getting a crunch wrap supreme at Taco Bell or not dying. Like I love my Doctor... Continue Reading →

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