Can the gay community STOP taking away MY special day? Why I hate National Coming Out of the Closet Day.

The gay community are the most self centered group of people I've ever made fun of. They are THAT jealous of me they literally are trying to take away MY special day aka my birthday. Or as they call it National Coming Out of the Closet Day. EYE ROLL Seriously if you try to come... Continue Reading →


The Bachelor: May I bust in you?

A question I am asked very often is, "Papi with ur "condition" how will you spread your AMAZING genes to the next generation"? With a reality tv show obvs. Imma Kris Jenner myself, anything for a paycheck. The way I envision it, is a "The Bachelor" style show with 12 of the BEST women America... Continue Reading →

Why I beef with LinkedIn

I legit despise LinkedIn. I have never met a more annoying app before in my life. It lies to you and mad me look like a fucking stalker. I'm done with it's games and pettiness. My first experience with this POS was back in college. I was applying for jobs and obvs I would stalk... Continue Reading →

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