If girls can’t abort, and gays can’t adopt, then who the hell is gonna raise all these kids? Baby Jesus? Trump?

Okay this just shows how STUPID the GOP is. Is separation of church and state fake news now? They preach they are against abortions and want to overturn Roe V. Wade because it is a loss of life, which is NOT fine but thats their religious right to want to over turn it. I'll be... Continue Reading →

The Bachelor: May I bust in you?

A question I am asked very often is, "Papi with ur "condition" how will you spread your AMAZING genes to the next generation"? With a reality tv show obvs. Imma Kris Jenner myself, anything for a paycheck. The way I envision it, is a "The Bachelor" style show with 12 of the BEST women America... Continue Reading →

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