Can ATT stop taking money from the mouth of my children?

I am SO over big businesses being so predatory with their "additional" fees, its so SCUMMY! I got kids to feed damn it. Before we paid a simple bill, THAT WE UNDERSTOOD. $25 for the phone line, $15 for texting and $10 in taxes. Now we have all these random fees left and right from... Continue Reading →

Advertisements, Queen of Corporate Welfare

Something this big should go in a smaller-middle America city. This could of revitalized the parts of America still suffering by the recession. But instead we made New York City even richer and allowed  Amazon to open a congressional glory hole

Nursing homes are hell on earth

I am BEYOND done with seeing how shitty nursing homes are in the news. Every week I swear we hear about another piece of shit nursing home being shut down or investigated. Do y'all have no shame? Would you want your mum or papa to be left in their own shit all day? Or thrown... Continue Reading →

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