Oh. You’re shocked our school system is corrupt and racist, that’s adorable!

Anyone who is surprised at this College Admission Cheating scandal or how only 7 out of 800 black kids got into a elite NYC school needs a smack. I knew shit was corrupt back in elementary school, why didn't you. Y'all need glasses? We went on a field trip to a city school to gawk... Continue Reading →


Frats are HONESTLY gayer than Mike Pence

Okay I mean this in the MEANEST way possible, FRATS are soooo gay. Like my god everything they do screams self-loathing queers. Just like Mike Pence, Frats preach homophobic shit to over up for their own love of dick. Wait did that rhyme? From roofing girls because they can't actually get girls to the hazing,... Continue Reading →

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