Dicks and Dollars: Inside the world of Syracuse’s High Class sugar daddy business

Have you ever wondered why mad Syracuse girlies ALWAYS look type CUTE but only work 10 hours a week? How can they afford Fashion Nova and Eyelashes now, when less than a year ago they couldn't afford plan b. I've always wonder the same but learned to mind my own cause they were buying me... Continue Reading →

Cher x ABBA’s SOS x Lil Papi

A tribute to my forever queen, Cher’s new cover of S.O.S. by ABBA. Set on a beach, a sexy castaway finds himself washed ashore, looking for rescue. So he dances his life away till found or dies. Below are a few of the pictures I took for my new calendar coming in December! Such a... Continue Reading →

Welcome back Baby Jesus!

One of my main homies, Jesus Christ of Nazareth is back & better than ever y'all! Let's celebrate his homecoming right by staying hella lit all day! Below is my welcome home tribute to him! The Holy Spirit & I worked mad hard on it.

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