How can I afford such an AMAZING website? My sugar daddy Randy obvs

At lot of people have been asking me lately, "with your basic bitch job, how can you afford such a lit, high class, non fake news website?". With the support of Randy, my old ass sugar daddy. Due to the fact that he's married with 4 kids and 7 grandkids I can't give out the... Continue Reading →

Listen by Daddy feat. Beyonce

No matter what mood I am in, Listen from "Dreamgirls" by Beyonce legit makes me so happy. Even when my student loan suck me dry, this song just makes me feel like a bomb ass rich bitch! To be honest thou, Beyonce was a little off key so don't be too harsh on her!

Daddy’s Girls

These are, Daddy's girls. Daddy's girls have been here for me since day 1. Daddy's girls have always loved & cherished me despite any bullshit I do. Daddy's girls have ALWAYS blessed me with their knowledge & good looks. These girls are not only my girls, they're DADDY'S GIRL'S

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