The crop of democratic losers running in 2020 is truly depressing

I was jaw dropped at how shitty and miserable the democratic candidates for president are. I watched a bit of the CNN town hall last night and it was a snooze fest. Not one of them got me energized. I want a candidate that gives me a rush of excitement. I wanna be twerking and... Continue Reading →

The Return of the non-shady democrats

Tuesday, June 26th 2018 will forever go down in history as the day America stood up to the morally corrupt establishment democrats. These phony ass losers didn't learn their lesson in 2016. Instead of using the Clinton loss as a teaching moment, they went full on psycho by backing, in my opinion, political puppets for... Continue Reading →

Holy Spirit may we light up here?

Okay I seriously giggle when people who are SOO RELIGIOUS, talk down upon weed. They act as if the people who smoke that good good are horrible people. Well A. God made weed so are you saying God made something bad? B. your husbands a drunk, go worry about that! I'm sorry stoners are way... Continue Reading →

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