Is saving $10 dollars really worth the Misdemeanor CATHY?

Listen, daddy loves a bargain just like every lower-middle class skank, but I ain't gonna fight a bitch over it? Is saving $10 dollars really worth a misdemeanor? They're gonna have the same sale in 2 weeks, stop looking like a ghetto ass baby girl, everyone on Facebook is judging you, me included. Black Friday... Continue Reading →


Bitch you know me, say hi

I'm all about having a bomb ass attitude to all.  If I know you, my ass gonna scream "heyyyyy girl hey". Even if I haven't seen you in years, I'mma still make you feel REAL special. So when I don't get the same in return, but instead a nasty ass cold shoulder. Imma forever remember... Continue Reading →

What makes a hoe?

I've always been fascinated by the concept of "a hoe". Who decided what the criteria is to separated a "good girl" from a "skank". Is it the hypocritical male society who determines that girl is a skank by who won't sleep with them. Or is it females themselves who call other girls hoes to make... Continue Reading →

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