Wanted: A house where people died for my dark and spooky birthday party!

I, for one, am NOT a fan of birthdays. Another year older means another year of wrinkles and broke bitches. BUT I do love a day all about me. Even thou lets be real I make every day about me. A day about me is a day without fleas. That's what TT always tells me.... Continue Reading →

Who at Spectrum thought I was the one?

I am normally NOT that person who complains about someones work performance, because one does not throw rocks in a glass house. If you do good service, I will compliment you by filling out a survey.  But when someone does something beyond shady and suspect to me, I make it my mission to expose that... Continue Reading →

Ladies, leave your bitter ass husbands

I am SO over seeing cute ass mums with rude ass baby daddy's. No wonder they spend all their time watching Hallmark RomComs and Christmas movies. Because they are so uphappy with their own lives! Their mans is so fucking nasty with his bitter ass attitude, it's gotta be draining. He never wants to take... Continue Reading →

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