One of my homegirls has two dads, just without the gay shit

I think someone I know has a two dads fetish. Her dad is 100% straight and with a top notch wifey. But for some bizarre reason his daughter dates potential cold case murders. I'm convinced we will find out he killed Heidi Allen before we find out he really loves her. She can't be with... Continue Reading →

NYC:Home of the warm piss smell

I wanted to enjoy soooo many things in NYC, but I couldn’t because I was alone and I didn’t want people to think I was some type of white psychopath. I feel like you can’t walk alone in NYC without people questioning your motives. If I saw a white boy alone my ass would immediately... Continue Reading →

All you Lulahoe’s NEED to chill

Before y'all get offended please know thats everything in this is my opinion but low-key true Every year we are treated to a new Multi-Level Marketing(MLM) or as I call them, scams for teen/single moms and stay at home moms. I'm OVER them, they clog up our Facebook feeds and attempt to guilt trip us... Continue Reading →

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