I need a cute weapon to protect myself from the psychos but New York banned them all, do y’all want me dead?

I am seriously terrified to be out in public, day or night. No one can go anywhere with out getting shot up or jumped. Sorry God made me cute! Don't punish me for it! It's truly a scary ass world out there with no ways to protect ourselves! Does Cuomo want me dead? Guns are... Continue Reading →

Who REALLY killed Garrett Phillips?

I live for a good Documentary about injustice, not just because they are hella addicting. But because they show the corruption we STILL have in our legal system. Don't get me wrong, America has one of the best legal systems in the world. In China if they say you are guilty, your ass is guilty,... Continue Reading →

Amazon.com, Queen of Corporate Welfare

Something this big should go in a smaller-middle America city. This could of revitalized the parts of America still suffering by the recession. But instead we made New York City even richer and allowed  Amazon to open a congressional glory hole

Cher x ABBA’s SOS x Lil Papi

A tribute to my forever queen, Cher’s new cover of S.O.S. by ABBA. Set on a beach, a sexy castaway finds himself washed ashore, looking for rescue. So he dances his life away till found or dies. Below are a few of the pictures I took for my new calendar coming in December! Such a... Continue Reading →

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