Ep. 13 Sorry, this past month has been a really bad hangover

On Ep. 13, I come back from a month of vacation, just kidding I was getting trashed every Thursday and was too hungover on Friday to legit do anything, sorry you CAN judge me! This week I talk about what the hell I've been up too, my new book club pick, "Bad Blood" and how... Continue Reading →

Ep. 11 Thirteen Reasons Why I’m cute

On Ep. 11 I discuss an update on last week, this weeks articles, hollywood's latest children movie, "Show Dogs" and I question if it's grooming children for abuse. This movie is QUITE questionable. Also while on air I get an alert about Morgan Freeman, so upsetting. Plus I give my review of Thirteen Reasons Why... Continue Reading →

Ep. 10 daddy rants, YOU listen!

On the 10th episode of "From Daddy with Love" I rant and rave about random drama in my life and I honestly treat this as a therapy session. It's prob not healthy to be venting my problems to a microphone but hey! It's way cheaper then real therapy! I also discuss current events including Israel,... Continue Reading →

Ep. 7 “Daddy’s 420 TELL-ALL”

On the 7th episode of "From Daddy with Love", to celebrate 420 I discuss my journey with the devil's grass and sadly, my MANY run-ins with the law They should be more focused on finding missing children and less on what little innocent Papi is doing! Also, if anyone tells my parents about these "past... Continue Reading →

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