ITS MS JUICYYY BABBBBY: Why America needs to put some respect on Little Women: Atlanta

Little Women is the franchise everyone will learn to love. From LA to my fav Atlanta, these mini hoes got it all. Home girls may be small but they got more drama than my lengthy ass girlies and that's hard to do. These girls give me LIFE, okay well only Miss Juicy, but still I... Continue Reading →


The Bachelor: May I bust in you?

A question I am asked very often is, "Papi with ur "condition" how will you spread your AMAZING genes to the next generation"? With a reality tv show obvs. Imma Kris Jenner myself, anything for a paycheck. The way I envision it, is a "The Bachelor" style show with 12 of the BEST women America... Continue Reading →


Okay this season of RHONJ has EVERYTHING, from cakes being thrown to accusations of being Anti-Semitic. The fact that Hitler was even mentioned on a show on Bravo legit blows my mind but lowkey makes me giggle. I love everyone this season but annoying ass Siggy aka Soggy. Seriously if you collected her tears she... Continue Reading →

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