Can the gang of broke hoes leave Queen Lisa Vanderpump alone? You are ruining RHOBH!

I've been bottling up my inner feelings on Doggygate for too long. I was hoping, MAYBE just MAYBE there would be some crazy smoking gun that shows my forever Queen Lisa Vanderpump, who's worth MILLIONS is a master manipulator on the side for fun. Home girl has THREE restaurants AND was building her new Vegas... Continue Reading →

The Bachelor: May I bust in you?

A question I am asked very often is, "Papi with ur "condition" how will you spread your AMAZING genes to the next generation"? With a reality tv show obvs. Imma Kris Jenner myself, anything for a paycheck. The way I envision it, is a "The Bachelor" style show with 12 of the BEST women America... Continue Reading →


Okay this season of RHONJ has EVERYTHING, from cakes being thrown to accusations of being Anti-Semitic. The fact that Hitler was even mentioned on a show on Bravo legit blows my mind but lowkey makes me giggle. I love everyone this season but annoying ass Siggy aka Soggy. Seriously if you collected her tears she... Continue Reading →

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