Hi! I’m Matthew O’Leary, a Catholic who isn’t a pedophile, and you’re watching Disney Channel

As a life long Catholic, can I tell you how disgusted I am with the Vatican and the sickos who live there, dead and present. I feel like as the face of cute sassy Catholics, I have to clear my name so people don't lump me in with those perverts. How the hell can they... Continue Reading →


Columbus day is like really gross

Columbus Day is lit because you get off from school, but other than that, its gross. How the hell do we have a day to celebrate someone who discovered central America, not even North America. Dumbass. Also he was a rapist, brought over mad diseases and killed natives left and right. We support that? He... Continue Reading →

No Jim, you CANT marry a 10 year old

Normally when I think of child brides I think of the Middle East, not the United States. Well little did my dumbass know that legit in the United States this shit be on the low low. Like what the HELL! Between the catholic church, Dan Schneider and now this, can anyone just leave the damn... Continue Reading →

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