Two dozen roses, white claws and a Tiffany necklace and they haven’t even met, is he Prince Charming or a Ted Bundy

My skinny minnie co-worker wrongly thought this years Valentines Day will consist of her eating Ice Cream while crying herself to sleep again. BOY WAS SHE WRONG. Her new bumble mystery mans surprised her at work with a Valentines Day miracle. She STILL waiting on gifts her past boyfriends promised her but "lost". Show me... Continue Reading →


Reasons why I’m single:

1. Everyone’s W2’s just AREN’T impressing me. It’s like I don’t need anyone poor in my life. Being with someone broke is like donating to a charity everyday, except you DON'T get a tax write off. Broke Boyssss honestly suck! They mooch of you and end up making YOU pay for your OWN birthday dinner.... Continue Reading →

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