Any of y’alls mans a Plummer? My shower water was legit shit colored today…. and no I didn’t eat Taco Bell

My co worker is honestly a jealous ass bitch. She looks for ways to bully me, sorry your mans hits MY LINE. So when I had to tell her I was going to be late today because my tap water was legit poopy colored brown, I thought she would at least be nice about it. Nah, instead... Continue Reading →

Cher x ABBA’s SOS x Lil Papi

A tribute to my forever queen, Cher’s new cover of S.O.S. by ABBA. Set on a beach, a sexy castaway finds himself washed ashore, looking for rescue. So he dances his life away till found or dies. Below are a few of the pictures I took for my new calendar coming in December! Such a... Continue Reading →

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