Can New York legalize and not just decriminalize weed already?

New York plays way to much. Instead of legalizing weed and getting a shit ton of tax revenue from it, thus reviving our failing city schools. Cuomo would rather us be a welfare heroin nation to protect his buddies at the pharmaceutical industries. When I was in California it was a stoners heaven. Weed delivery... Continue Reading →

Holy Spirit may we light up here?

Okay I seriously giggle when people who are SOO RELIGIOUS, talk down upon weed. They act as if the people who smoke that good good are horrible people. Well A. God made weed so are you saying God made something bad? B. your husbands a drunk, go worry about that! I'm sorry stoners are way... Continue Reading →

Ep. 7 “Daddy’s 420 TELL-ALL”

On the 7th episode of "From Daddy with Love", to celebrate 420 I discuss my journey with the devil's grass and sadly, my MANY run-ins with the law They should be more focused on finding missing children and less on what little innocent Papi is doing! Also, if anyone tells my parents about these "past... Continue Reading →

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