Daddy’s opinion on building Trumps wall…..

Okay so I’m a firm believer in defending our boarders. This isn’t a Disney world hopper pass, you can’t come and go as you please. So I deff think a big sexy wall is deff worth it. Why would we let mad people run in here like some 5k fun run?

However, with a student loan debt crisis that’s about to explode quicker than your mom after the Golden Corral, the wall should be on the back burner on lists of priorities. I highly doubt at this point even illegal immigrants want to come over here. America is becoming a DRAG, either people are getting shot everyday or people are getting offended everyday. It’s NOT becoming my favorite cup of tea.

But what if we combined both issues. Kill two political issues with one stone. We build the wall and end the debt crisis by having the students work on the wall! Okay hear me out here this could AMAZING. Picture it, building the wall during the day and getting fucked up and partying at night. We could even film it for MTV, imagine those ratings! Would be wayyy better than 98% of the garbage they air now.

Plus a majority of college grads have no “real” jobs. So this will also fill that void. We could build a bomb ass wall and get some entertainment out of it! Omg just picture all the drama. “Really Randy, tell me you weren’t hooking up with Stacey next to the concrete mixer” or “Chad was sent home from “The Wall” because he was welding on Molly”. I WOULD LOVE IT!

If you stay till the end, you get all your student loans wiped clean. If you don’t stay, your interest rate doubles. Lmaoo I’m just playing only Betsy Devos would be THAT cruel.

With the advertisement revenue and obvs we’d make T-shirts, we could bring this budget down by millions! Plus we don’t even have to pay the students much. Just give them free housing and 3 Four Lokos a day, they’d be Gucci! I honestly think this is exactly what America needs right now. Something to bring everyone together. Regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation, EVERYONE CAN WORK ON THE WALL! Unless you smoke e-cigs. Nobody wants to be around that.

Xoxo I’ll supervise the building, but I ain’t getting MY hands dirty

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