Any of y’alls mans a Plummer? My shower water was legit shit colored today…. and no I didn’t eat Taco Bell

My co worker is honestly a jealous ass bitch. She looks for ways to bully me, sorry your mans hits MY LINE. So when I had to tell her I was going to be late today because my tap water was legit poopy colored brown, I thought she would at least be nice about it. Nah, instead she said “You’re fucking gross shit boy, you better stop at the Y to go shower”. Girl dont even get me started on your rat trap of a hair.

I woke up at 5:30 am to go for my morning jog……. to the bathroom. I played my “Damn you cute” shower playlist and started the shower to get it nice and hot, to get me ready for living in hell. Uproar from the Carter 5 started to play so you know my ass was shaking. I go to hop in the shower and thats when I realize, something aint right, is this water from Flint? Deadass it was a nasty ass brown color but their was zero odor. I was like did Mama Dutches clog the toilet again? Who took her to Old Country Buffet? Does God want me to be a smelly bitch? Deadass I have a morning routine! If I miss even one face scrub my skin turns nastier than someone who works at KFC. I refuse to allow a pimple to grace this flawless skin so yeah I cleaned my face with a water bottle, judge me hoe.

No thats not poop….thats what happens when you flush

At first I thought maybe my sugar daddy Randy didn’t pay my rent again, so I blew up his phone and threatened to show up to his kids school. That got his attention. He paid it! So then I was like so maybe its not just me! My neighbor had the same problem so im like damn maybe we now getting water from Flint. On my way to work I saw them working on it and they said its normal and its happening to everyone but its safe. SAFE? Bitch where. That shit is BROWN! Stop telling people water that is NOT clear, is safe. Onondaga County Water Authority’s website claims that the water is safe but we shouldnt do laundry or drink it. So how is showering with it okay?

I felt so lost for legit the 2 hours I was inconvenienced but imagine the hell Flint, Michigan is going through. Even though Michigan has 84% of America’s Fresh water, their own residents are left with water that contains lead and other toxins. No thank you? They have been without clean water for over 1,630 days, yeah DAYS! Can you imagine going that long without clean water to shower or even drink. I would have the nasiest skin ever. The whole city must smell & it’s not even their fault! It’s so sad! Don’t even say why don’t they move, who gonna wanna buy their house? The problem with Flint is like the problem with Syracuse, the pipes are so old! Luckily, living in Liverpool my pipes are newer than the people in the City. But for my friends who live in the city, they are afraid to even put tap water in their vodka water!

Legit looks like bong water

Our nations cities are hundreds of years old so its common the pipes are so old. Why are we building bullshit like a new 690 ramp for millions instead of replacing our pipes? In Flint they didnt add this chemical that stops corrosion of pipes which caused the lead to leak. Syracuse pipes are so old that they started to pay to replace some home owners pipes but we need to do more. One mistake like Flint & we all growing tumors. All the pipes need to be replaced. Last year over 11.5 percent of city of Syracuse children tested had elevated blood levels of lead. The primary cause of that is from lead paint, but old lead filled water pipes arent helping either.

See in Liverpool, I’m fine. This was a little problem (that I made hella dramatic) but they came out and fixed right away, is that because Liverpool is promedietly white and middle class? And Flint and Syracuse are lower income, mostly people of color. Im sorry to be that bitch, but I think it is. If a town like Skaneateles had brown colored or lead in their water, all hell would break loose. Their would be GofundMe’s and 5K’s to raise money. Where is the outcry for Flint? We got a Lifetime movie and then everyone forgot. Well I didnt! So next time you are standing in your hot ass shower for 30 minutes, just remember that people are legit doing the same, expect they are in dirty ass water and most likely getting sick. To smell or to die, that is the questions.

Xoxo sorry I’m late and a little smelly

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