Whoever is trying to hack my phone… can you chill?

Okay idk if it’s because I’ve been on my exposing grind or the FBI is just bored, NOT stopping mass shootings. But I’m convinced SOMEONE has been trying to hack my phone. Legit for the past 2 weeks my phone gets non stop calls. From “No caller-ID, “Unknown Caller, “+1 000000” to random local numbers. ITS MADNESS.

I get hyped thinking this one call could be my big break but instead it’s either an Indian from a call center or it’s no one which is even creepier. My latest theory is, these calls are the FBI/NSA and when you answer them, THATS how they hack your phone.

If you have Android this is 100% true. Hacking those phones are a joke. But with the iPhone I TRY to believe they’re secure but these days WE JUST DONT KNOW! It’s like, why would these people waste their time to call me and no say anything. Do they wanna hear me call their mom a hoe?

To prevent this, I recently discovered AT&T has an App called “Call Protection”, it’s the best thing that bunk bunk company has to offer. It tells you what calls are shady and if it’s a number you or anyone else has reported before, it automatically blocks it.

You can also block numbers directly and submit them to AT&T to let them know those people are annoying assholes. It’s honestly pathetic I have to be Nancy Drew but I ain’t getting hacked! If they can’t leave a voicemail, they can honestly go choke!

A lot of people are getting fraud calls that are people saying their loved ones are in the hospital or in jail and you need to send money ASAP. Legit it’s been my DREAM to get one of those calls so I can fuck with them but sadly I’m afraid to answer now!

Another way EVERYONE should protect themselves with is by turning on 2 Step Verification. How that works is, after you log into your accounts it sends another password to your phone for you to also enter for another layer of protection.

Also cover your laptop cameras! The FBI, NSA and God knows who else are able to hack our laptops and watch us via our laptops webcams without the little green light being on. HOW CREEPY. Do they get enjoyment out of watching me write my articles? Or my jam sessions to Beyoncé?

What could they possibly get out of watching little old daddy being cute 24/7. This world of information is getting out of hand. Companies and our government are obsessed with getting our info! To do with? Only the devil knows. But I don’t trust any of their bitch asses.

Also just to keep the world on its toes and because if they say I killed myself I DIDN’T, I’m wayyy too vain for that! I set my website up in a way where if I don’t enter in a passcode every 27 minutes, my website will automatically upload my blackmail file. This contains damaging personal information and gossip about mad people. I’ve been working on this file since 10th grade so the people it include are over 200. Y’all been warned. Killing me would be just the beginning of my MASTER plan(Evil Laugh).

Xoxo if you’re gonna stalk me, at LEAST buy me dinner

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