If you’re related to me, why are you SO jealous of me?

I am beyond shook, shocked & disgusted at the level of jealously I receive from my relatives. It’s like can you chills? Stop being so nasty towards me! This is why your life is miserable. I swear some of the most poisonous people come disguised as family. Negative energy you put into the world is the negative karma you get back! Start supporting people y’all, stop bring people down! Your girl wants to write a book? Support it! She wants to strip? Support it! As long as they aren’t hurting themselves or others WHO CARES!

Before I “discovered” myself (that sounded soooo gay) I was mean and nasty towards all but Whitney Houston. I saw others success as a horrible thing because I wasn’t doing anything with my life. But after I started my multimedia orgasmic empire I turned a new leaf. Why trash others when I wouldn’t like them trashing me? CERTAIN people who I’m related to by blood(thats the only connection we have) are acting like I’m making porn. MY GOD ALL IM DOING IS WRITING CUTE, SASSY, FUN articles with narrations and sometimes movies.

If you don’t like it you can send me a million dollars and ill stop, but till then, kick rocks. Hop off me dick because you don’t mean shit!

ALSO, I am beyond done with people asking other people question about me! Grow a pair and either ask me or message me in the “Ask Daddy” feature of my website. Mad of you be baby back bitches, asking my girlies and family about me but not messaging daddy!

Y’all so noisy! Quit the gossip train and get the facts from the source. Are you that dense that you cannot understand how awk you make it by asking people questions about ME. If I don’t acknowledge you, why are you talking about me?

Reason like this is why you are NOT invited to my funeral, my Quinceañera nor will you even get a mention in my memoir, “I hate me too: The story of everyones favorite faggot”. If you can’t support me than you can dead me because in 2018 I’m cutting all negative energy out of my life.

Xoxo worry about ur own messed up family HONEY

One thought on “If you’re related to me, why are you SO jealous of me?

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  1. The first to judge us are people we consider family, but we can’t change them but definitely we can change ourselves into something amazing. Which I think will cause more jealousy but what can we do if happiness keeps knocking! Cool post!


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