If girls can’t abort, and gays can’t adopt, then who the hell is gonna raise all these kids? Baby Jesus? Trump?


Okay this just shows how STUPID the GOP is. Is separation of church and state fake news now? They preach they are against abortions and want to overturn Roe V. Wade because it is a loss of life, which is NOT fine but thats their religious right to want to over turn it. I’ll be there to cock block it.  I believe in her pussy, her choice but still, you do you pricks. But to then introduce a law banning gays and lesbians from adopting unwanted children is CRUEL! How can anyone be against a loving family raising kids? Are you that dense? Do you want these kids to live in foster care their whole life? Foster care isn’t like the show “The Fosters”, you don’t get to live your best life. No, most of the time they live with shit families who use them for the check they get.

According to the the economist, there are about 120,000 children waiting to be adopt. Sadly, only around 50,000 are adopted each year. What’s even sadier is the average kid in foster care waits about 4 years before being adopted, if the even get adopted. I’ve seen Like Mike, shit doesn’t always work out! HOW SAD! If we limit gay people from adopting, this number will increase greatly. Are we that cruel of a nation? To rob a child of a family, shaking my  damn head!!!!

The reason behind this rant is because the House Appropriations Committe passed an amendment that would allow adoption agencies to refuse gay couples based on their moral or religious beliefs. In their eyes its cool to beat your wife or suck dick on the low but its not okay to allow gays to adopt. Why do these HYPOCRITES have such a problem with gay people? Is it because the be sucking on the lo

Legit every time I’m in Washington I get cat called at least twice an hour by members of the GOP. I get it I’m a dime piece, with a little caker and you’re a self loathing gay but that doesnt mean you can take away a childs future. Would you rather him live in shit or live a happy life with Ron & Carl?

This amendment was introduced by resident glory hole sucker, Rep. Robert Aderhold of Alabama, the “I do everything but kiss” capital of the world. If you are thinking, oh well states can can make their own rules on this, nope this asshole would require the Department of Health and Human Services to withhold 15% of fedreal funding from child welfare servies if they dont follow. Again, WHAT PRICKS! Do you really have this big of a hardon against gays? Who didnt blow you in college? You want to hurt other children just to push your ain’t gay crusade.

Democratic Rep. Mark Pocan, said “Same-sex couples are six times more likely to foster and four times more likely to adopt”. I understand theres a conspiracy that gays are more likely to molest children but GIVE ME A BREAK. You’re more likely to get molested at a GOP fundrasier than with a gay family. LETS BE HONEST/REAL!

Religious nuts have always used adoption as a way to push their religous bullshit on the world, take Ireland for example. Recently it was revealed Catholic based adoption agencies were take babies born to unmarried mothers, saying they died during childbirth and secerly giving them to married families who couldnt have children.

I’m sorry but what! They legit kidnapped thousands of babies just because they believed they should be with a married family, y’all truly fucked up in the head. Even God be judging them, ain’t no way they in heaven, word to my mother. I’m a firm believer in religious rights, you wanna hate gay people, so be it, look like a prick to the rest of the world. But when you attempt to prevent a unwanted child to finally be wanted, thats why I put my foot down. Unless these cold hearted fucks are going to raise each of these kids themselves, they can shut the hell up and go back to tapping their foot under the mens bathroom stall.

Xoxo anyone but Kevin Spacey to raise these kids


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